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  1. So I told. we're paying for the legend Pokemon to get we're parents poke Then let's ask one question. Do you think the current market is bigger than the past? Or do you think it's less? Make it easier for the older game players to make money. That's fair. I played this game for 5 years. I donated $ 1200. However, earning money is the same as Newbie. You think this is fair? I think not. that's not fair. that's equality
  2. That's one of the best ways. But the biggest problem is that comp poke is so common that no one buys it.
  3. The same is true of why the communist state collapsed.
  4. The summary is as follows. The profits of the rich and the poor were the same. That is why it failed.
  5. So why is it that the number of users is decreasing after a patch?
  6. Fairness and equality are a big difference. You need to study politics and economics.
  7. 1. The absence of hatching egg Originally, hatching egg is a means of production. But now it has become a wasteful tool. As a result, money is running low and transactions are falling. If money is not distributed, the trade is meaningless. 2. This game is communist. not capitalism The profits earned by the rich and the poor should not be the same. That means that Bill Gates's salary is the same as McDonald's employee's. People with a lot of property should be given better rewards. That's fair. That way, the rich use their money and their trade are activated. The solution to the problem is as follows. 1. Return the hatching egg to its previous method. But this is because so many parents exist. The gap between the rich and the poor could worsen at the moment. So we need a way to control the parents ' numbers. 2. It can be solved by holding contests often. At this point, we can add legendary Pokemon to we're team. but we need paying poke comp for legendary Pokemon The legendary Poketmons ' Iv and ev and nature are like the paid poke comp. 3. I think Shiny Pokemon Comp is Appropriate to the prize of winner. And it can serve as a monetary and monetary reward only when it can be traded.
  8. i paid 15usd, but i couldn't get RP
  9. what? anybody can connect? i can't connecting now
  10. i wanna play pokemmo. fix them please
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