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  1. We recently put out a new pokemon battle video, would love for y'all to check it out!-->
  2. yea im concerned about that leaving the life part, but goodbye and I hope you find what you're looking for!
  3. Damn this is amazing. Ill mail you the 100k, is your ign the same as it is on here?
  4. But would it ever get that high, this is thirty thousand pokemon for a 1 point increase. That's a lot of pokemon.
  5. Currently, the only legendaries to appear are MewTwo and Rayquaza. Unless you count Zekrom which isn't playable after beating Unova. This is to keep everyone from having one thus destroying their value.
  6. Name: PhoenixRebirth Team: [QUAL] Render/Character: Marco, one piece and a Chandelure Background (optional): Maybe a volcano? Not sure Donation - 75k - 100k I would really love it if you could get to this, if not is all good!
  7. The economy has been in decrease for a while now, the newer updates only sped this up so they are not to blame. Banning accounts would not go over well
  8. I'd lowkey be down. DM me bout it
  9. I hope you can too, fulfill your wildest dreams and catch jumpeon.
  10. It's great to see you back! This community is still going strong and has no plans to slow down XD
  11. It's nice to meet you too! If you see my tag, PhoenixRebirth in game say hi! I'll gladly accept any battle you send my way!
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