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  1. Acarus

    Value Advice

    Shiny rhyhorn 2x31 (31 in hp and spdef, the rest is shit) lax nature
  2. Acarus

    what happened on the server??

    geez they probably use the FAIR RATE to get free shiny ralts again
  3. Acarus

    are the servers having issues today

    guess they r too good for you Funk
  4. Acarus

    are the servers having issues today

    oof 1 milion nerds join the same spot =.= i wonder what it look like rn
  5. WORTH congrat man
  6. Acarus

    Earning money from killing wild pokes

    1.They won't increase the payment duel to the amount of NPC Unova give you 2.Pay day + pick up is a thing to grind $ to so why you want pkm to drop $ ?
  7. all the tickets r sold out @Lightningvolt,will roll the number and decide the winner ~Good luck to all~
  8. k tell me when you pay me $ ,cause idk what your 6:30pm in my time is
  9. in4 he get that shiny good luck mate the chance is low but hope you will get it XD
  10. 27 and 46 (already sent the mail)
  11. 10m tickets for a 35m blue flaming skull , what a deal gonan send you the $ later
  12. oh didn't see that , tks you damn those ivs r beautiful,lucky guy :/
  13. hatch or wild ?
  14. 100 tickets Price per ticket = 100k Lottery will begin and winner will be selected when all tickets are´╗┐ sold Staff member @Lightningvolt is holding the prize , and will be drawing a random number selecting the winner. IGN:Damacus Mail me the money in-game or if I'm online, we can trade too. In case two people select the same number, the person who made post reserving it 1st gets it. (No payment within 24 hours = that number will not be reserved) Good luck to everyone

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