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  1. Acarus

    Akshit's Asylum [Vanity Items]

    1k for all your vanities
  2. Acarus


    it gone now XD Get over it
  3. Acarus

    Add shard tutors to Hoenn and Unova

    is this a suggestion or a question ?
  4. Acarus

    [Money Guide] NPC Re-Match Guide

    well if you want more NPC grind then you can follow the path of the guide and move to Unova > beat all the trainers , you can get like 800k~ per day
  5. Acarus

    Happy birthday Azalea!

    seem legit happy birthday to your ... friends ? then
  6. i want to see his bed room now
  7. Acarus

    How do I farm special berries?

    well you can hover on the berry to check they recipe .For example leppa , if you hover on it you will see ''very spicy,bitter,sweet'' To find them, you can use pick up ability or buy the seed from the gtl or farm them and harvest for seed
  8. Pellipper hold it , not sure about wingulls
  9. Acarus

    pokeball hotkey

    cause that the only way and it doesn't work for hold item like exp share too so i think you should roll with the old way
  10. hatch or wild ? anyway , lucky guy/girl/it :(
  11. i will kill you if that a shiny metang XD then again congrat mate
  12. Acarus

    Proposed rework to the Shiny System.

    1st it is chance , just imagine it is like a dice with 30k faces , you will have 1 out of 30k chance of landing on the shiny (same with donator status) 2nd the chinese can find rare because there r alot of them and they hunt every regular like always

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