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  1. Well, I was putting the set on him when I discovered that he can't learn it since normally he would have to be able to learn it.
  2. I have noticed that with the new update of Sinnoh the animations in battle have become slightly slower. Now we have to wait for the animations to end, which before we could move forward while these were happening. I open this thread to see if this has already been foreseen by the GM and if there will be any future changes? Thank you!
  3. Well, this proposal that occurred to me. An easy and simple idea to implement that could help us look for duels from low tiers and thus be able to test equipment since the search lobby never finds duels. Pues esta propuesta que se me ocurrio. Una idea facil y sencilla de implementar que podria ayudarnos a buscar duelos de las tiers bajas y asi poder testear equipos ya que el lobby de busquedas jamas encuentra duelos.
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