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  1. IGN: DetectiveKajuaru Tier : (NU) way i play any other tier
  2. 32 - DetectiveKajuara Reason for choosing number : Heimerdinger knew it can you spot the fail? lets find out
  3. Its more like a countdown before your post is actually put on GTL, not waiting 1 minute everytime you want to list something.
  4. This is for all ma brothers who post something on gtl worth 3mil for 1k! This is for all my fallen comrades who quit after suffering a crushing financial lost! This is my answer for all of our suffering! THIS IS OUR SALVATION! 1 Minute Countdown for when you post something in gtl so you can realize your mistake and not quit the game! Sincerely~ Filthy with a capital i Also thank ma boss Kibbz for his majestic brain knowledge that he bestowed upon a lowly henchman such as myself <3
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