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  1. Hello! I've created a minimalist battle UI for PokeMMO that is based off of the one from the generation 2 Pokemon games. Currently, the mod only changes the battle and Pokemon status screens, although one of the modified icons affects the PC box screen. I am planning to hopefully modify the the rest of the PC UI, as well. Here are some screenshots: The health bars are functional, although not shown in these screenshots. Note that the sprites are totally separate, and not related to this UI mod. Ideally, I'd like to modify the battle "arena" sprites and the exp bar by raising it up a few pixels and nestling it into its normal place, but I've yet to figure out how to do that (if you're familiar with a shippable way to do so, please send me a message). The horde battle HP bars have also not yet been changed. If you have any other suggestions or criticisms, please let me know! Thanks for taking a look at this mod. Update 1 (10/18/17): Changed the font to black, modified the move type icons, and changed the Pokemon status screen. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ts80i0kxexuh945/GSC UI.rar?dl=0
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