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  1. Signature questions: Text: Phantoz Team (If you want it added): Character/Pokemon: Mismagius Background: Mt. Pyre Animation: ghosty fog Chibi questions: Skin color: white Eye color: blue Expression ex: goofy,flirty,serious: serious Hair color: black Shirt color/ Dress color: Black Hoodie Jean,skirt,short color: Cargo pants Accessories (I'll let you know if the website has the accessory you want ^^): Grey backpack
  2. -screenshot of your character in game -how old your character is?(young, teen, adult, old) -his/her facial expression -just say the other stuff you want me to add -https://imgur.com/a/KkfgM -Young -a kind of serious facial expression -Blue eyes, black hair like my in game
  3. Nice video, Posting so I can bookmark and finish it later :) Good luck!
  4. More Ghost pokemon ;-; Plus my bae Mismagius here we come
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