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  1. Unfortunately I dont know how to make it work for Android sorry, if someone know, feel free to do it.
  2. Debe estar en el directorio del juego PokeMMO/data/mod/...(aquí y no lo descomprimas) - Si estas intentándolo en Android, no se como instalarlo allí.
  3. I dunno how to install it on Android sorry. But I think it would be best to drop it on the folder inside where you have your App installed. (You might need USB conection to explore your phone)
  4. Character Name: xAiEnmax Pokemon Name: Calcebloom Pokemon Typing: Fire/Grass Dex Entry: Calcebloom gather arround in the bases of volcanoes when these are about to erupt. During these event their leafs glows similar to lava and its recommended to stay away from them because the pollen this pokemons spreads countains soot and other toxins very dangerous to other species. (Based on Calceolarias ♥)
  5. Alright haha ;) fixed the month abbreviation and for the audio normalization, I'll take a look since how it is it really suits my needs but I could edit it once more with a version with the changes you asked. Thanks @Daedalus007
  6. Yes, the file is included but I'm not sure yet why it does not work, or why the games do not read it.
  7. Oh I forgot to post it! lol thanks for the reminder! I'll edit the main post.
  8. I've these same problems after the last update... Odd. I'll try to fix it if I figure out whats causing it when I have sometime off. Sorry for this ^^
  9. Its pick up -.- ... I dont remember witch poke it was. But Meowth pickd it up after battle. I touhgt on taking a screenshot, but meh. You will have to try it like I did.
  10. Meowth picked up a dawn stone in berry forest.
  11. Unova/Teselia (I'll edit ^^ if find more) Route 14= Mystic Water, Silk Scarf, super potion Route 7= Big Mushrom , Miracle seed
  12. I had no problem. Medicham scarf adamant comp lvl 50 beated all.
  13. Name:Kimono Slot: Torso Color Selection: Yes ______________________
  14. Download the files , move them to Pokemmo/data/mods, then when you open the client just click in mod mannagement (right and down the login box). And check / click the mod files in the window. The game will restart and you are ready :).
  15. -TALKING POKES- Compiled for PokeMMO by xAiEnmax Compilado para PokeMMO por xAiEnmax This is a sound mod that will change the cries of pokemons from gen 1 to 5. I got the sonds from Jaizor11, I've already tested it and after a few tweeks, fixes and edits, I decided to share. So hope you enjoy it and find it fun. <3. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Este es un mod de sonido que cambiará los cries de los pokemones desde la generación 1 a la 5ta. Obtuve los sonidos de Jaizor11' . Ya lo probé . luego de modificarlos un poco y hacer unas ediciones y arreglos mínimos decidí compartirlo. Espero los disfruten y lo encuentren divertido. ALL IN ONE / TODO EN UNO - WAV // 14-Mar-2018 ºTalkin Pokes All in One - 42 mb #Changelog - Thanks @Platybus for asking. * IMPORTANT* I'll leave the files and values at this, I won't be editing them anymore. But feel free to do it and share, because every each of us has a different taste. The last thing I'll do is try to fix the Pansear cry, read spoiler for that. ^^ Enjoy - Ai ♥
  16. I haven't test it yet god! XD... I'll have to right away!
  17. Its up to who ever wants to test it. They need our help in order to give a final product, emulating the gameplay withouth commands will most likely show the bugs like if it was an actual release. Also storyline is the best part xD in my opinion.
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