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  1. Unfortunately I dont know how to make it work for Android sorry, if someone know, feel free to do it.
  2. Debe estar en el directorio del juego PokeMMO/data/mod/...(aquí y no lo descomprimas) - Si estas intentándolo en Android, no se como instalarlo allí.
  3. I dunno how to install it on Android sorry. But I think it would be best to drop it on the folder inside where you have your App installed. (You might need USB conection to explore your phone)
  4. Alright haha ;) fixed the month abbreviation and for the audio normalization, I'll take a look since how it is it really suits my needs but I could edit it once more with a version with the changes you asked. Thanks @Daedalus007
  5. Yes, the file is included but I'm not sure yet why it does not work, or why the games do not read it.
  6. Oh I forgot to post it! lol thanks for the reminder! I'll edit the main post.
  7. I've these same problems after the last update... Odd. I'll try to fix it if I figure out whats causing it when I have sometime off. Sorry for this ^^
  8. Its pick up -.- ... I dont remember witch poke it was. But Meowth pickd it up after battle. I touhgt on taking a screenshot, but meh. You will have to try it like I did.
  9. Meowth picked up a dawn stone in berry forest.
  10. Unova/Teselia (I'll edit ^^ if find more) Route 14= Mystic Water, Silk Scarf, super potion Route 7= Big Mushrom , Miracle seed
  11. I had no problem. Medicham scarf adamant comp lvl 50 beated all.
  12. Name:Kimono Slot: Torso Color Selection: Yes ______________________
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