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  1. Great thanks for the helpful information @Bestfriends much appreciated!:)
  2. Could i Get a Price Check on this ditto pls? Relaxed 31/20/27/20/31/28
  3. Wassupp Kole! Yea that would be awesome! appreciate it :) I just dont like to disturb you often because ik your busy tending to the server and other mod responsibilities but ill def be looking forward to linking up with you anytime
  4. Right, yeah i thought about that usually watch the chat and wait for people who ask questions that more experienced pokemmo players would know already
  5. I Also said msg me which would be sending me mail so i could get it to you when i am online
  6. Wassupp Everyone Its Dusty Just wanted to let All Of You Know Starting Now I will be Giving Out 5K To Every New Player That comes up to me or whisper /messages me So if you see me on Pls do not hesitate to contact me its my way of contributing the best way i can right now my ing is FullRestoreGames thanks everyone have a Blessed Day!
  7. I cant wait for all the 4th gen nd 5th gen pokes its gonna be a nice refreshments and excitement for breedig i know i can't wauit to make my contrary Serperior!
  8. Appreciate Everyone's comments thanks for welcoming me in hope to interact with all of u in the future!
  9. Wassupp Everyone Hows it going I decide to post here to let everyone get a chance to know a little about myself 1st off my name is Dustin im from the united states and im a huge pokefan i stumbled across this game about a week or so ago and i enjoy playing it and im hoping to learn more about the breeding and competitive side of this game while also try to move up the ladder and become a good Asset to the pokemmo game itself i was fortunate enough to get accepted into Team Fire Ran by Kole one of the Mods of this game Its a Great Group very friendly and fun anyways thats bout it for me have a
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