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  1. [IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2018 (1.1.0)

    I was trying to mega evovle my Charizard, I did have a little trouble figuring out how to do it but I did it eventurally, and when the battle ended my Mega Charizard was just a normal Charizard again. I was fighting very underleved pokemon and oneshoted the pokemon i was fighting. But if you say they're suppose to turn back to normal when the battle ends then i must have done it right. I just thought they would stay mega evovled. P.S. sorry for my bad English. Edit: I haven't played any of the original pokemon games so i don't know how mega evelution works xD.
  2. [IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2018 (1.1.0)

    When you mega evolve you moemon is it suppose to turn back to its normal state when the battle is over, or have i run into a bug xd
  3. [IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2018 (1.1.0)

    It worked. Thank you ^^
  4. [IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2018 (1.1.0)

    Im using "Pokemon - Fire Red Version (U) (V1.1)"
  5. [IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2018 (1.1.0)

    I'm having problems installing my patch. I should be doing it right. I'm using Lunar IPS to install the patch but when i try and run the game it crashes with an error.

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