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  1. Do you think about what you write? Or do you just press "Submit Reply" to see what happens?
  2. IGN: AlejovishGB. Preferred Tiers: LCOU, LCUU, LCNU, LCDubs. Competitive Accolades: Carry Colombia in WC. Discord: AlejovishGB#8292.
  3. IGN: Theoblong. Preferred Tiers: SSLC, LCOU, LCUU, LCNU. Discord: Oolong#3048. Fluff: @MendeeZ
  4. IGN: urquidi. Preferred Tiers: LCOU, LCUU, LCNU, SSLC. Fluff: Panda Power.
  5. IGN: xJhonatan. Preferred Tiers: LCOU, LCUU, LCNU, LCDubs. Competitive accolades: I have Experience in the tier and I win some Community Combats. Discord: Jhonatan#4455
  6. IGN: Cristi. Preferred Tiers: LCDubs>LCOU>LCUU>LCNU. Competitive accolades : I'm Cristi.
  7. IGN: YEYOxD. Preferred Tiers: LCOU, LCUU, LCNU. Competitive accolades :
  8. Team Name: Vermilion Golden Champions. Team Tag: [VGC]. Registered Players: Cristi, NoWall, urquidi, YEYOxD, ZyzyD, xWhinkz, Wickedwanga, Juanchoqui, AlfonsoC, Filantropia, MegaBladers, Huargensy, azzazz, ELMALOTE, AlejovishGB, Gasyflour, Guilleex, JuanDomingoYT, Theoblong, xJhonatan. Team Captain: Cristi.
  9. Why the exhibition match have 24 hour more than us? Why not both deadline sunday?
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