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  1. Team Name: Mancos de Mierda. Players: Elvessss, Baneadito, Cristi.
  2. Well, it's a playable style, but Cdurr is always going to be a big problem, and you have to admit that what he said was perfect to revive this old post. +1 for Sofiik.
  3. After a lot of nonsense, he's finally right about something.
  4. Any comments from the TC about this?
  5. IGN: YEYOxD. Country: Uruguay. Tiers: OU, UU, NU, LC.
  6. Team Name: Vermilion Golden Champions. Team Tag: [VGC]. Registered Players: Cristi, YEYOxD, ZyzyD, xWhinkz, lKillua, Wickedwanga, Juanchoqui, AlfonsoC, Filantropia, MegaBladers, ninamik, AngelosRed, abstractt, AnGeLOrGuLloSo, ELMALOTE, AlejovishGB, GasaiYunoSan, Guilleex, LordMaiki. Team Captain: Cristi.
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