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  1. Neither of these is a viable solution. Leaf Storm may simply fail and flush all of his "Strategy". Also, none of that pokes is really useful in the tier, by using any of them just to try to deal with Azumarill +6 (With dubious results) the only thing you manage to do is occupy the space of some other pokemon that might really be useful to you , but hey, let's suppose that you configure any of these pokemon and that you achieve your objective of weakening the Azumarill, in the end, the only thing that you achieved, is to give free entry to Linoone, Venomoth or Scrafty to be able to increase their statistics for free. These are just far-fetched solutions, which all he can do is further reinforce the fact that the team is problematic and that some solution must be found. PS: Sorry if you don't understand very well, I don't speak English.
  2. Nombre del Equipo: Vago vuelve Etiqueta del Equipo: VGC Registrados: AlejandroGB, MAXXIIx, AngelosRed, StrikerFreecss, ninamik, LorMaik Capitan: StrikerFreccs
  3. Team Name: El EquiPoronga Team Tag: EEP Registered Players: abstractt, RayUwU, zAnderson(Luisa), Cristi, JamesFaul(El Vago), AlejandroGB(Alejo), Baneadito, lKillua, xJhonatan, NoWall. Team Captain: Baneadito. Substitute: WallsLife. Cheerleaders: Juanchoqui, fulltoxic, AnaVidales.
  4. https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen7ou-1132668988
  5. Juanchoqui vs huargensy en 5min
  6. abstractt vs xWhinkz in 15min Gg xWhinkz wins
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