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  1. I think a constant since the discussion began on the subject of brackets was "it's an mmo, new players don't have to play on equal terms with old ones" it's obvious that players who have more hours invested will have an advantage over newcomers
  2. Doing an open vote of this type is a total nonsense due to the fact that people who vote with multi-accounts, but I think it is necessary to do some kind of survey to know with certainty how many players are for or against it new or old format of tournaments. I think that a survey should be done that is regulated in a certain way, so that the opinion that is taken into account is that of the players who actively participate in competitive tournaments of this game, a way that a friend had suggested a while ago, was to take into account only the vote of the players who are currently in the top 100 rank of the different tiers, but in this case that would be something absurd, since it is quite obvious that the rank players will be almost in Its totality according to the current system, since it is basically the same as playing the ranks, where they are spamming a team blindly, in addition to the fact that there are a large number of players who only participate in tournaments but not in ranked. One way that occurred to me to be able to quantify in a relatively "safe" way the votes is to first do an internal survey, where the Boss of each team will take into account the opinion of the other members, and then will take a general balance of the votes, which will then be added to a survey at the level of all the teams, in this way, each team will have 1 vote based on the opinion of the majority, and to ensure that the vote reflects the opinion of the majority of Active comps players, the 16 active teams with the best position in the TT ranking will be taken into account, in this way we will have a limit of 16 votes that take into account the opinion of all the members of said Teams, I know it is not perfect and that perhaps in the end, even if said survey was carried out, it might not be taken into account by the Staff, but I think it would be better to have at least the opinion of the majority registered, without alts or false accounts. Next, I leave you an image of which would be the participating Teams, Rose and Aw are currently dissolved, so the last remaining quota would be occupied by Dgts.
  3. The problem with open voting like this is that truthful data are not reflected by things like this. In the end the result of the voting will not have any kind of impact, and will end up ina pointless discussion as in previous posts (obviously with some insults in between) without reaching any kind of agreement or solution.
  4. Team Name: Vermilion Golden Champions. Team Tag: VGC. Registered Players: NoWall, Cristi, YEYOxD, StrikerFreecss, Urquidi, ninamik, AlfonsoC, MendeeZ, Huargensy, Kaarnaa, Juanchoqui, Hiruzenkw, lKillua, MrDiox, ZyzyD, xWhinkz, AlejandroGB, MorissetteA, awaLLz, AnGeLOrGuLloSo. Team Captain: Cristi
  5. Vs xLuneth after Badbar vs neblinamist
  6. Team Name: Vermilion Golden Champions. Team Tag: VGC. Registered Players: NoWall, Cristi, YEYOxD, StrikerFreecss, Urquidi, JamesFaul, ninamik, AlfonsoC, MendeeZ, Huargensy, Kaarnaa, XondeX, Thralls, Axellgor, Juanchoqui, MegaBladers, xGameMasterJuan, JavierChispas, xWhinkz, Maikilovsky. Team Captain: Cristi.
  7. Vs Kriliin after Geto vs Lunarck
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