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  1. I fucking love you mars. #rmbrMe

    1. Chuckie


      ahaha you got banned?

  2. StarLite


    Hi, enjoy the game.
  3. Hello , welcome to the PokeMMO forums, Enjoy your Pokemon adventures.
  4. Hello , welcome to the official PokeMMO forums. Enjoy your PokeMMO adventure.
  5. Awesome! Welcomee to the PokeMMO forums & enjoy the game!
  6. Hello & welcome to our PokeMMO forums. I also have a dog, she's a Siberian Husky named Hazel. Enjoy the forums & PokeMMO.
  7. StarLite


    Hi, enjoy PokeMMO!
  8. Hello, i wish you good luck in your journey. Enjoy PokeMMO.
  9. Hi Achellin, welcome to our forums, Please do not worry about these topics, & enjoy the game.
  10. Hi i'm StarLite, nice to meet you. Enjoy your pokemon journey.
  11. Hi Blazaar99 , welcome to Pokemmo forums. Up to date, the item selling feature is not available, so you'll have to wait until it becomes implemented. [Spoiler] So hold your nuggets & stardusts for now! [/spoiler]
  12. StarLite


    Hi, you are bound to meet plenty of awesome players such as yourself! Enjoy the magical pokemon world!
  13. Hi. [Spoiler] I like this game too. [/spoiler]
  14. StarLite


    Hello, welcome & enjoy our forums.
  15. Hi, i'm CM StarLite. I'm from the States. Welcome to our forums & enjoy.
  16. StarLite


    Hola, welcome to Pokemmo forums. Enjoy
  17. Hi ! Welcome to our forums. You may change your avatar by managing your [b]Gravatar[/b] account [www.gravatar.com] Enjoy ~
  18. StarLite


    Hi, carefully build up your posts, then go to Suggestions Box.
  19. Hi welcome to Pokemmo, enjoy your stay ~ [Up to Gen lll with many yet to be implemented] [Currently Kanto]
  20. Hi welcome to Pokemmo forums, Click this [url="https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/25-the-round-table/"]Link[/url] !
  21. Hi welcome to Pokemmo. I'm also Vietnamese. Enjoy the game.
  22. Welcome to Pokemmo. Our community is very diverse, age is not an important factor here, so please enjoy the game & i wish you the best of luck in your renewed Pokemon adventure!
  23. Welcome, my favorite pokemon is Suicune, enjoy the game.
  24. Hi Andrew welcome to Pokemmo & enjoy.
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