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  1. (Also I think it's ridiculous that this conversation here is framed around what types of teams Kings Rock does better against, rather than the fact that it brings even more RNG into the game. But that's just my take).
  2. Munya, things are banned all the time in competitive games that deal nothing with winrate and moreso because it doesn't mesh well with the competitive intentions of it's community. In this case, it seems like a lot of the community here would like to minimize the impact of RNG as much as possible.
  3. I grinded singles and doubles like a madman during quarantine due to suddenly getting a lot of time, and all that effort honestly didn't even recoup the costs of my 6 comps. I also tried avoiding using consumable items as well to increase my profit margins, and honestly it just wasn't worth it. I also don't even use 5x31's lol.
  4. Should the game corner be cut out then? RNG in tournies with pretty serious prizes? Shiny rates? I know this reply of mine is kind of dweebish, but there are plenty of examples that are pretty ingrained into Pokemmo that rely on random chance, be it if it comes to the PVP scene/battles, shiny hunting, etc. A raffle is certainly a pretty direct type of gambling but I don't think it's too egregious compared to what's present already in the game itself. ------------------------------- I have never participated in a raffle, but if anyone is complaining about someone raffling off a 'mon with their profits netting them a million or two more than the market value of the raffled off 'mon... why not just refuse to participate in those kind of raffles? People refuse to buy the 1x31 shiny tentacruel for 10 mil all the time, raffles should be no different.
  5. Buy every single Heart Scale ever and dominate the market to set the prices to whatever you want for an afternoon.
  6. may there be no weebs in staff in 2021
  7. Are you talking about the GTL, the function of trading around and listing items to sell them? This is never going away in PokeMMO, this is like at least a third of why this game is considered to be an MMO.
  8. People usually find much more profit in Gym Rematches versus Elite 4 rematches, actually.
  9. Hey guys, I think this suggestion I made here is a way to generally fix this issue with the system. Go check it out.
  10. This damn message. It usually haunts every PVP player, usually those playing tiers other than OU, and especially for those that are present within the top 100 for a tier. There has been much talk as of late recently how this is a major drag and turn off for people who generally have to deal with this issue, which results in lower ranked tiers becoming way more lowly populated than they have to be. Ideas have been thrown around by balancing the tiers by making their BP/Matchmaking Point payout be buffed accordingly per the popularity of said tier. But why not introduce a system in place that rewards a player for sitting around waiting anyway? I am proposing some kind of formula being introduced every time you see this message while waiting for matchmaking. The multiplier I personally am proposing is: +.2 to the rate of BP/Matchmaking rewards every time a match cannot be found. In a situation like the picture above, regardless of win or loss, that player would then gain x2.8 more BP/Matchmaking Point rewards due to having to sit around for 9 matchmaking periods without being able to find an opponent. I think a hard cap on how high the percentage of a gain would be fair as well, maybe maxing around anywhere from x4-x6 more rewards. Again, those specific numbers I'm throwing around are a rough idea. The general premise is that I believe that giving extra rewards based off of time spent in queue balances time invested into less popular tiers, or even for higher ranked players present in any tier. This makes it to where the devs do not constantly have to be adjusting the gain rates for every specific tier, and can just focus on this one single global mechanic that inheriently balances participation in every tier. Again, if you don't agree with the gain rate that I proposed (or even if it should be multiplicative), please, talk about it below. The more discussion about this, the better.
  11. Why not add a multiplier for BP/Matchmaking points (probably matchmaking points imo) every time the system is unable to find someone to match with? This would reward someone for sitting around waiting for an opponent regardless.
  12. Try the GTL, people sell their extra ones. Other than that, no.
  13. I'm a firm believer that if your matches are going over sixty minutes and you want more time to potentially make a comeback, you are engaging more in stall than you probably think you are.
  14. I think the other items have been considered more egregiously bad especially because one deals with evasion and seems to go hand in hand with violating the evasion clause.
  15. The breeding mechanics have changed compared to the vanilla games. You no longer leave two Pokemon in with the woman inside to eventually get a random egg. In every daycare center, you have to leave two pokemon with the man outside for them to get 'consumed' and create one single Pokemon.
  16. Someone correct me if I'm wrong since I literally started PVPing since the update, but for the case of Garchomp in OU, it seemed like he had incredibly niche and limited checks and counters to do well against him. Umbreon/Mandibuzz seemed to do okay at best against him as a whole, but it seems that a lot of the metagame has outright problems with killing him. People have mentioned scarfed dragons, but this forgets the fact that they cannot make a switch in versus Garchomp as well, and someone confidently sending out their dragon to fight Garchomp is just a sign that they're scarfed (and that point completely forgets the fact that if scarfed dragons were common enough to start countering Chomp, Garchomp would just start running scarf himself). I introduced him to my team halfway through last month and I was just surprised at how much stuff I was getting away with even in a Jolly Life Orb/Swords dance set.
  17. ELO in most competitive games you play is weighted on a system to where it predicts how likely you are to beat your opponent. In most cases, if you lose to someone better than you, you won't lose a ton of points, but if you lose to someone worse than you, you will lose quite a few points. And visa-versa for wins as well. There are luck elements present within the game, but any good team should have a fallback plan if they get hit by a crit, miss their move, etc. The top of the leaderboard for any tier is certainly not random.
  18. I generally think nowadays for your time to yen (heck even BP ratio), doing most other activities is better to build up money than rematching the Elite 4 over and over again. I'd sooner do a gym run than attempt to fight the Elite 4.
  19. Guts+ Flame Orb + Facade, Sucker Punch goes nicely on that set too.
  20. It comes harsh to view it as 'forced', but honestly most decisions involving AI buffs, moveset changes, level caps, and more, are meant to streamline players to be readily equipped for endgame content that usually comes in the form of PVP, or dungeons in the future. Many of these design changes in the story serve as a litmus test to get you onto the next bit of content. It is very easy currently to find some level 60+ pokemon on the GTL selling for under 10K each that could easily steamroll you throughout an entire region. I advise you to maybe balance out your team a bit and just not focus on leveling up your starter if you are doing that. Have a full party of six, avoid HM slaves, maybe learn about things like the Sp. Attack/Attack split. Heck, you don't even need to be too concerned about IV's or EV's either.
  21. I'll just correct you on this. This game has an in-game economy to where the time to obtain money, encounter pokemon, finish a battle factor into the pricing of various things that are sold, and the dev team very much so values that they have created such a balanced marketplace. Like they say, time is money. Any change in how fast yen, hold items, or even Pokemon as a whole are obtained throws that equilibrium all out of whack, be it the Luvdisc heart scale farmer being able to spend 5 seconds less per battle obtaining a heart scale, or the gym rematcher which now can complete the gyms 30 seconds faster due to the lack of animations. Having animations turned off would honestly be an 'obtain yen/items faster' toggle for a LOT of farmers in PokeMMO, which isn't a good thing to have. It just becomes the de-facto best option to have turned on for grinders, and puts those at a disadvantage who have the animations turned on either because they like them, or don't know of the disadvantage.
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