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  1. Johto overall isn't the highest priority compared to a region like Sinnoh due to the fact that every Johto Pokemon is offered either through Kanto's postgame, or is sprinkled throughout Hoenn. Squirtle has stated that this doesn't confirm or deconfirm it too, just that there's more important stuff to work on at the moment like Sinnoh.
  2. I like the sheer lack of comments on this thread now
  3. Squirtle has previously mentioned that Johto has never been confirmed or deconfirmed (as most hypothetical ideas for this game go). Rather what is a planned part of development at the moment is Dungeons, and ways to obtain hidden abilities. Please wait patiently going on into the future if any information gets released on this topic.
  4. No, you do not unzip for Android. You have to still keep it in a .zip file for Android, it's just that you have to save it with no compression. Most .zip file achievers are made to where they automatically compress the zip; Android cannot handle compressed zips. When you are archive some files, it will give you the option in programs like 7zip and Winrar to change the compression level. They will allow you to set that to "Store", which makes the zip compatible to work on Android.
  5. The folder path should be exactly the same for both PC and Android and should be contained within a .zip file. The only difference is that Android will need uncompressed .zips. This can be done using 7zip, Winrar, etc.
  6. Check out this comment here. You do not name the folder with "KANTO" or HOENN", but rather 0, 1, 2.
  7. I'll just say that this isn't true unless there has been something that was done in the past month. The bottom level cap that gym rematches will be in is around high 40's to very low 50's, and then the scaling goes on from there. A high 40's to low 50's battle I believe pays out about 5K per win. As your levels go up and they scale to you, the yen payout indeed increases until it gets to the point to where their max payout when you bring in level 100's is about 8500-9000 yen per win.
  8. Hi there @KarlPolice Currently when there is an update/event/whatever it might be for the game, they are simultaneously updated on both platforms. The content accessible for Android will always be identical to what you can find on PC. There are no seperate servers for each platform or anything either. If you're asking about the amount of dev work that goes into each platform, that's not really an answer we can provide.
  9. I don't think people realize this, but these switches are pretty abusable. As a PVE junkie and learning to their patterns and general logic, there are still a lot of decision making faults that the AI will still make. Such as, switching into a grass type to counter you water type while not being smart enough to realize you carry ice beam. Stuff like this is the beginning basis to PVP, by making sure to counter switches themselves. The only thing is that the AI will always be undoubtedly dumber than a human opponent in this case.
  10. I think it would be very interesting to have a well updated price index for NPC vendor items that matches with changes made to the yen production ratio. The thing with GTL items is that they constantly regulate themselves due to supply and demand; the amount of time you had to take to grind for an Everstone before the patch to buy one on the GTL is near the same after the patch. We are even seeing some certain vanities either calm down with their inflation, or even just drop in price. I think what can be a frustrating thing for players is if their yen production ratio was dropped by 20%, but all of the NPC vendor store items stayed the same price.
  11. Are you referring to the 3 gym leaders in the first gym in Unova? Yeah, they give that much specific for those ones. Anything else that is just a "single" gym leader gives about what I said per battle.
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