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  1. Sometimes. They can be sprinkled in some locations like Hoothoot at night time on routes where Pidgey normally spawns, Qwilfish with a Super Rod on Routes 12 and 13, or any random Swarm pokemon that may happen to be a Johto Pokemon as well. If you REALLY want one, the GTS is available to be used upon getting 4 badges where you can buy any Pokemon.
  2. Some moves got bugged out this last update to where it says they can only be taught via TM?? Any old method can be used to still teach these Pokemon these moves (like Island 5 like you said), the only thing that's bugged is their actual display in the Pokedex.
  3. I've always liked a good middle of the road suggestion that is applicable to the amulet coin as well to make anything like this run on a per-battle basis. Consumable item supporters usually really like how much more efficient these items can become if you use them right, and permanent hold supporters really like how relaxed it is to use the item and the ability to tab out and do other things if your game is open. Per-battle satisfies both of these camps, while still turning the macho the brace into a new farm-able item that encourages economic activity.
  4. They are a rare spawn on Iron Island.
  5. Those sprites just simply aren't ripped at the moment. Only just battle sprites.
  6. It can be caught in the grass normally during any time of the week.
  7. Go to your settings in Android then into Interface. The options should be present there.
  8. Changing things like the position of any of the onscreen elements isn't possible at the moment. You can however notice that there are settings on the Android app that can change the size of certain elements, or even reverse A/B like you want.
  9. Reddit popularity in 2013 caused this game to be incredibly visible by that kind of crowd. Played a lot with my homies, now I'm the only one who remains.
  10. Sorry about that, I fixed it to where it's back to being a simple .mod file you can plop into your mods folder.
  11. Updated for the release of Sinnoh with every Sinnoh Pokemon and shiny form. Gen 5 will be worked on next.
  12. imagine wanting to pick Blaziken 2, electric boogalo this post made by Piplup gang
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