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  1. The PTS server client is distributed when the PTS server is live, and otherwise cannot be played on when the PTS is offline. Check out if there is an update every now and then if the PTS is up.
  2. I think the problem is that this still incentivizes anyone who has a level 100 sweeper to just do the gyms that way. I have a Cradily and Blissey that could easily solo some entire gym leaders, it's just that their playstyles are inherently defensive and slow as they chip away at their opponents.
  3. Contrary to popular belief, the staff isn't just twirling their thumbs as we all decide who is going to get muted or banned in chat. Chances are that if you got muted or banned, you probably said something pretty bad.
  4. Volcarona isn't a legendary though. There are multiple opportunities to obtain it, and it can be bred.
  5. Exactly this. I don't believe that the benefit to completing your entire gym run within an hour should be a higher rate of pay. The reward itself is that you completed itself in 1 hour efficiently.
  6. Why are you literally only using your starter? I use a team of 6 that are usually 2-3 levels below the gym Pokemon.
  7. I'm sure I'm totally not one of the only ones who are a little annoyed with the current state of the amulet coin, but it mainly comes with the fact that it is on a flat timer for an hour right now. My main complaint is that it unnecessarily stresses people out to focus on the game for an hour straight, which means no watching Youtube at the same time, no messaging friends; just basically no multitasking whatsoever that would slow you down. This typically also makes it to where the amulet coin is only accessible now to whomever can make more than 90K in one hour with it, which also screws over people who don't run sweepers when doing the gym rematches, or anyone who isn't coming in with level 100's to begin with. My suggestion is to put the amulet coin on a fixed amount of battles that it will apply the 50% cash boost to, so players can finally go through these gyms stress free. This also allows gyms with longer puzzles to be considered to be beat again as well. I'd personally make it to where the coin would be applicable to 25 battles within a 3 hour period. This is pretty much every single gym battle, even without Moriomoto. By changing it to this method, the player only makes net 30K more yen than they would before the amulet coin change.
  8. My plan is to get the entire Sinnoh dex up and working by the time that Sinnoh is released. I simply cannot do all of Unova though due to the fact that the sprites do not exist.
  9. My favorite memory is getting my Coil and Roost spamming Dunsparce to solo the entire Hoenn Elite 4, then having my girlfriend do it all over again with a Furret.
  10. Maybe it's just me but this was gladly never an issue to me on the old amulet coin to be making cash while taking as much time as I wanted to make cash. Having to rush and dash now to do the gyms with my teams of level 100's seems to be the antithesis of PokeMMO. It's just unnecessarily stressful for what was once a chill, daily activity. My few main complaints with the coin is that it was previously balanced to be accessible to be used by everyone. Now it is only profitable if you are making more than 90K in a run. I agree though that it was said earlier in the thread if the coin worked on a per-battle instance. Maybe maxing out at 25 battles?
  11. This is pretty much very similar to what was added in X and Y onwards, but just the ability to chose what song will play in your PVP match instead of the default Unova vs Trainer battle theme. This can get bland really fast. For those unfamiliar with it in X and Y, alongside with selecting your party, the game would ask in a match what song you would like played. This ranged from stuff like the Vs Trainer, Vs Wild Pokemon, Vs Gym leader, Vs Evil theme, and so on. My suggestions would be for selectable music: Every Vs Trainer theme Every Vs Wild theme Every Vs Gym leader theme Every Vs Champion theme Every Vs Evil Team theme Every Vs Rival theme
  12. I have a shiny Bellsprout caught in a premiere ball, HP 8, Attack 26, Defense 3, Sp Attack 5, Special Defense 11, and Speed 30, with an Adamant nature. No egg moves or anything. How much could I fetch for this?
  13. Hoenn is honestly probably the easiest region to beat anyway.
  14. This is my biggest exploit I can see with the system, although it's slow, you can just set up alt accounts with comp teams sitting in front of Morimoto and just shut off the game right away once you've beaten him. I'm afraid that the devs would just fix this issue by just making the coin still expire when you're logged off, instead of addressing the issue that most people think that the 1 hour time on the coin is a bit stressful.
  15. Either this, or they should really change their amulet coin to a per battle basis system. Like you'd consume it and it applies 50% more money to your next 20-25 battles. And the effect would expire in like six or so hours. This honestly removes a lot of the stress of the current amulet coin while still having a focus on the coin being consumable itself.
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