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  1. Buy every single Heart Scale ever and dominate the market to set the prices to whatever you want for an afternoon.
  2. may there be no weebs in staff in 2021
  3. Are you talking about the GTL, the function of trading around and listing items to sell them? This is never going away in PokeMMO, this is like at least a third of why this game is considered to be an MMO.
  4. People usually find much more profit in Gym Rematches versus Elite 4 rematches, actually.
  5. Hey guys, I think this suggestion I made here is a way to generally fix this issue with the system. Go check it out.
  6. This damn message. It usually haunts every PVP player, usually those playing tiers other than OU, and especially for those that are present within the top 100 for a tier. There has been much talk as of late recently how this is a major drag and turn off for people who generally have to deal with this issue, which results in lower ranked tiers becoming way more lowly populated than they have to be. Ideas have been thrown around by balancing the tiers by making their BP/Matchmaking Point payout be buffed accordingly per the popularity of said tier. But why not introduce a system in place that re
  7. Why not add a multiplier for BP/Matchmaking points (probably matchmaking points imo) every time the system is unable to find someone to match with? This would reward someone for sitting around waiting for an opponent regardless.
  8. Try the GTL, people sell their extra ones. Other than that, no.
  9. I'm a firm believer that if your matches are going over sixty minutes and you want more time to potentially make a comeback, you are engaging more in stall than you probably think you are.
  10. I think the other items have been considered more egregiously bad especially because one deals with evasion and seems to go hand in hand with violating the evasion clause.
  11. The breeding mechanics have changed compared to the vanilla games. You no longer leave two Pokemon in with the woman inside to eventually get a random egg. In every daycare center, you have to leave two pokemon with the man outside for them to get 'consumed' and create one single Pokemon.
  12. Someone correct me if I'm wrong since I literally started PVPing since the update, but for the case of Garchomp in OU, it seemed like he had incredibly niche and limited checks and counters to do well against him. Umbreon/Mandibuzz seemed to do okay at best against him as a whole, but it seems that a lot of the metagame has outright problems with killing him. People have mentioned scarfed dragons, but this forgets the fact that they cannot make a switch in versus Garchomp as well, and someone confidently sending out their dragon to fight Garchomp is just a sign that they're scarfed (and that p
  13. ELO in most competitive games you play is weighted on a system to where it predicts how likely you are to beat your opponent. In most cases, if you lose to someone better than you, you won't lose a ton of points, but if you lose to someone worse than you, you will lose quite a few points. And visa-versa for wins as well. There are luck elements present within the game, but any good team should have a fallback plan if they get hit by a crit, miss their move, etc. The top of the leaderboard for any tier is certainly not random.
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