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  1. Raichu4u


    Honestly having mundane Pokemon like alomomola being locked behind phenominon seems stupid. It would make sense if like starters or rarer Pokemon were.
  2. Raichu4u

    Does Meowth have a multitarget attack?

    I guess to add onto this, is there a higher chance of picking something up from a horde battle via pickup if you kill them all?
  3. Raichu4u

    Long-Term Investment Spooktacular!

    How do you think these items are originally produced?
  4. Raichu4u

    Long-Term Investment Spooktacular!

    That's... exactly what happens when you buy a limited vanity. You sit on it, sell it, and you have effectively made cash for in-game currency transfer.
  5. Raichu4u

    Long-Term Investment Spooktacular!

    I'd argue that paying for the ability to more efficiently make comps, breed, get certain items, and just get in-game currency in general can lead to a player winning more.
  6. Raichu4u

    Long-Term Investment Spooktacular!

    I think moreso that it was a jab at the fact that you can sit on a vanity for a bit, and sell it later to where you get that month worth of cash.
  7. Raichu4u

    Long-Term Investment Spooktacular!

    Oh c'mon. Buying a vanity can sometimes match the amount of work it takes someone to grind for a month nonstop.
  8. Raichu4u

    Rematch question

    Just a quick question, under any circumstance can Cheren or Bianca be rematched at the moment? Cheren is supposed to be able to be battled daily, and Bianca on the weekend. I'm just wondering if the game can accurately detect the day of the week, considering it deals with multiple time zones. The same goes for Cynthia, because she is supposed to be rematched during the Spring. If not, are there any plans to get these rematches working? A daily functional Steven Stone rematch would be pretty cool too.
  9. Raichu4u

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    As a person who probably only has about 2 mil in this game with some good comps to get their work done, why do people care so much about the high value shiny trading and vanity market so much? As far as I'm concerned about what the real lifeblood of the economy is, it's pretty much just actual comp trading, everstone prices, berry prices, etc. I get it that it's pretty much just endgame trading, but it seems like there's a lot of worry placed over just an insane luxury item in the economy.
  10. Raichu4u

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    I think it would be interesting if some vanities could be available seasonally. Like Halloween ones can be rebought during Halloween, Christmas ones during then, etc.
  11. Raichu4u

    Shiny Trading? Where?

  12. Raichu4u

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    How can someone get mad at a system that inherently allows more shinies to get created? This is basic Pokemon game design, and basic supply and demand. As more shinies are created as time goes on, the value of them goes down. There is really nothing practical that could ever get shiny prices to rise.
  13. Raichu4u

    sent mail box

    There should at least be an auto return duration if something sent hasn't been claimed for a certain amount of time.
  14. Raichu4u

    How do you raise a trainer's tier?

    Gotcha. That's a shame, because I vaguely remember some of these trainers being higher in the past to offer more XP.
  15. Raichu4u

    How do you raise a trainer's tier?

    So it's just a predetermined class for the trainer? For example, those Gamblers will always be considered tier 2 and never go higher than tier 2 and max out at 48, while post Unova area trainers are considered tier 3 and will max out at 56?

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