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  1. Android Release HYPE [Coming Soon]

    Does "donating" include just buying some points, or actually buying donator status?
  2. Outrage Base power

    Where the hell do you get draco meteor hydregion from?
  3. Shiny discussion rate

    I would even suffice for a reason on why the formula can't be revealed.
  4. Lower the berry powder costs for pp ups

    I hear everyone talking about making PP increasing items a BP reward item, and while I do agree there needs to easier way to get these items... Wouldn't making it a BP reward item cause a slight snowball effect for those who have comps that can actually win the battles to get these points? It would turn into a self fullfilling prophecy to where those who already have their comps that have benefitted from being PP-uped have the ability to gain more PP-ups with ease. It's just really interesting when I see everyone suggest things like the IV breeding bands being BP rewards (which they were changed too), or the EV berries as well. It seems like pure Pokeyen is losing power on what you can actually do with it.
  5. Get rid of crafting

    I am a tiny bit wary when it comes to PP-ups and PP-maxes because they can influence competitive play and I don't have too much to comment about the time and money that goes into playing competitive, but it just seems really stupid that maingame Pokemon healing items are hidden behind what is essentially a minigame that requires you to play farmville and dedicate your life to playing this game at specific parts of the day while either memorizing or taking the time to look up a guide to learn the horrid berry system to eventually slowly make these items. It's flat out artificial difficulty if the AI trainers (specifically Elite 4 and gym leaders) can spam what is essentially a $10K-$30K item every single battle, giving out a payout that would make you go negative if you tried to use even one of these items per battle yourself. Not to mention the details to where round 1 Elite 4 and Gym leader members are having BP reward only items being held on their team, and are having insanely favorable natures and IV's when they are giving you a 15IV neutral nature starter that has accumulated the most random EV's for the duration of the game. Is it also expected too that "beginner" players are also supposed to use the same system to buy berries to lower their EV's and pour even more money just for a lousy round 1 Elite 4 battle? I like the new Elite 4 changes to where you're healed after every battle for round one, but only because the other parts of the Elite 4 are pretty overpowered right now.
  6. AYUDAAA!!!!!

    It's 2017. How are people still using XP?
  7. Bicycle/Surfing Music

    Is there any reason why this is disabled? Hoenn's surfing music shows up breifly after resolving the Kyogre/Groudon conflict, so I know they are in the game.
  8. BW2 and Diamond

    I know that the dev team doesn't like to comment on things like this due to the nature of everything being insanely hypothetical and never wanting to get the playerbases hopes up, but is it pretty implied once all the kinks of B/W are completed and satisfied, D/P/PT are being sought after next?
  9. effectiveness visible in moveset

    I got to grand finals for VGC all because Pokemon Sun and Moon shows type effectiveness, AMA
  10. [MOD] Generation 5 Follower Sprites

    You are a god. Are mods allowed to sticky this post as kind of an essential mod people need to download?
  11. fossil plume

  12. Black/White Why the first?

    It would be cool if B2/W2 ever get added, that instead of a boat, there would be an NPC that would be like "I envision this place three years into the future... would you like to go there?"
  13. Creation of Follower Sprite Mods

    Slowly squirming in my seat to begin attempting to mod this.
  14. I agree with the difficulty aspect of it. If it is something the devs absolutely have to bend over to make happen, then I think it should be completely avoided.
  15. I know a whole lot of people don't take advantage of the type of daycare to where you leave your Pokemon behind to grow levels, but if possible, it would be awesome to see the 1-2 Pokemon (using their follower sprite) beyond the fence hanging out in the daycare, even if they were stationary. Even for the Kanto one, a Pokemon could simply be left in the playpen thing.

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