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  1. Same problem here, if i choose yes, nothing happens
  2. When i play the game in a lower size, the gtl window fill all the game screen :/ and i can't adjust
  3. Salve! No PC que tenho aqui no trabalho, deu esse problema e tive que voltar pro modo de compatibilidade para funcionar, você tentou fazer isso? In the PC that I have here at work, it gave this problem and I had to go back to compatibility mode to work, did you try to do this? Obs: Quando for postar algo aqui nos fóruns, sempre coloque a tradução em inglês para que a maioria te entenda. When posting something here in the forums, always post the English translation, with that most people will understand you.
  4. Welcome :) Enjoy your stay
  5. xD thats a good topic and also bad xD lol
  6. haha xD they don't know the divine flavor of this
  7. Pão de queijo(Brazilian Food) <3 Its a delicious bread of cheese xDD
  8. @MGRazor Dude you're looking so sexy <33
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