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  1. All pokemon games is in that speed(original ones) without emulator you can't speed up battles, in 3ds or ds for example. I think it's a matter of custom, the more you play the less you care about it... I play this game since 2015, and in the beginning, i used to play a lot in the emulator, so i came to the game and.... Wow too slow! but it was a matter of time and i got used to this and now its my favorite pokemon online game :D try to enjoy the game just the way it is.
  2. With this team i can make my gym run in 1 hour and 30 minutes. 1> (Ace) Krookodile (moxie) Moves ( Earthquake / Rock Slide / Crunch / Dragon Claw) Soft Sand item. Nature i use Jolly with 252 evs in attack and speed 2> (Sup for krok to deal some damage) Charizard, Moves: (Heat Wave / Air cutter / Dragon Pulse ) Item: Wide lens(help with acc). Nature i use Timid with 252 evs in spatt and speed With this two you can combine EQ and Heat wave/Air Cutter ( heat wave and air cutter helps krook to faints mostly mons and get a buff from Moxie) 3/4> (Sweeper when Krook or Charizard faints) 2x Gengar, Moves: (Sludge Wave / Shadow ball / Thunderbolt / Giga Drain) Item: Life orb. I use Timid nature with 252 evs in spatt and speed. With this two you can use they with Krook, they have levitate, and they will hit hard and help a lot with couverage moves :) 5> (Help in rain teams) Special Kingdra,(Swift swim) moves: ( Surf / Hydro pump / Dragon pulse / Ice beam) item: CHSpecs. I run Modest nature with 252 evs in spatt and speed 6> Use a fast fighting of your preference, it will help you with Chansey and blissey when your krooko faints) I usually use Lucario with close combat
  3. Amazing :D thanks dude. The mail was sent :)
  4. IGN: LipeHaru / HaruLipe Theme Subject: Swampert and Mawile (can be megas evo) Color/s: The colors of mawile Text (default or custom?): Custom (whatever you think its better :D) HP Bars (default or custom?): Custom Donation? (100k minimum): 160k Where do i donate to you? mail or trade?
  5. Wait..they nerfed the Gym leaders gold?? when i used to farm gyms, i usually get 12-13k for gym, and the 1° unova gym 9k for each one i guess D:(using amulet coin)
  6. My homemade Yakisoba xD sadly i didn't found Hashi to buy...
  7. Oh my... This thread is simply delicius just like you hammy boi <3 @MGRazor
  8. Why is the server Lagging? :x
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