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  1. LipeHaru

    Muted for 9.5k seconds over a mistake?

    Man i only said in the chat that the shiny rate was fair...
  2. LipeHaru

    Muted for 9.5k seconds over a mistake?

    Hey i'm muted too '----'
  3. It will be fair like the shiny rate
  4. LipeHaru

    NPCs before the gym leader

    Oh ty guys for the support :)
  5. NPCs that appear before gym leaders, will they always call for battle now? After this update they are calling to battle but I don't know if they'll always do it. X..X
  6. LipeHaru

    OK team(s) for Gym rematches?

    the best option is a Heat Wave Charizard Fire/Flying, with wide lens, just to have 100 acc. And a Krookodile with moxie GG, after u KO a pokemon, it will get a boost in attack, then you'll kill more faster every poke left(its better Jolly for speed) Krookodile spam EQ and it can't hit charizard... You can use salamence as well. i Use gengar as backup with giga drain for water and rock types like Gigalith
  7. They aren't switching anymore and almost no using healing items 'u'
  8. LipeHaru

    PokeMMO Locations At「Unova」

    RIP 3EV Sp Attack
  9. LipeHaru


    We just have for now Unova/Kanto/Hoenn! Maybe in the future, we can play in Jhoto and Sinnoh
  10. LipeHaru

    server down?

    For me its down...
  11. Where do you find revival herb?
  12. LipeHaru

    Teleport for gym rematch

    Hello, I came to make a request for improvements to rebatle in the gyms ....For example, every time we do a gym run, we come across the same puzzles every time, it takes more time for us to finish, just battling in all the gyms spends a lot of time, over there still have the puzzles ..So what I wanted to do is create some place to teleport us to the front of the gym leader, only for those who finished the game, that's it, I'm going to be very grateful, it will save a lot of time for me and the otthers :) I'm counting on you! Its a repost, but before i put in the wrong forum sorry :')

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