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  1. Use knock off and remove it's eviolite... damn
  2. i know what is egg moves... but i mean Delibird don't have Avalanche as egg move, learn by TM, then when you have a mon with a TM(avalanche) it can teach also to a mon which can know avalanche. xD
  3. So the Delibird will take the Avalanche like a TM?
  4. Wait o.O its a TM lol haha. Just use the TM on it. GG
  5. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Swampert_(Pokémon) Take a look at the link.. Swampert earn Avalanche breeding with Gen 6 mons Sadly
  6. Also this Year is the pig year for China. They will be happy if someone make a Vanity in a pig style.
  7. Damn, so fair. I've spent a 30 days donator and nothing :D
  8. Use a Krook with moxie and amulet and a Charizard( bc the flying type) with wide lens with Heat Wave. So The heat wave do some damage and you finish with EQ, then taking 2 buffs from moxie on your Krook. Gengar can be used too
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