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  1. Yeah, but after they implement gen 4 I believe it will pretty hard to make progress, as 3ds emulation is still not easy.. Hopefully we'll see some improvements then.
  2. Yeah, looking back in the older threads I dont think the staff's arguments were good at all, and there plenty of ways to solve the """problem""" but they just didn't want to :( . I hope they do reconsider through, given how cool the concept is.
  3. Because you would just use the secret base instead of buying Leppas. Its their excuse at least (idk if its justified or not, since I've been away for a while)
  4. Hey. since Platinum is to be released soon (TM), I've been looking back to this game after a long time. Thinking back, I believe Secret Bases are one of the coolest features ever introduced in a Pokemon game, and it at least seemed like they would be even more interesting in a multiplayer like PokeMMO, but they just aren't, because they are still about the same as they were in vanilla: small, and with almost no utility. They are no good even for afking, I'd rather do it in any Pokemon Center because they have a PC. I know that this has been discussed before, and never was done (adding a PC to
  5. With Platinum being implemented, we should have acess to all mons from gen 1-5. That being said, are there any plans on implementing HG/SS at some point, even through it wont add any new mons?
  6. When I last played this game, they said the priority was to implement legendary dungeons, but they're not out yet and they're implementing a new region before that. Did they change priorities? I didn't expect Sinnoh.
  7. Kanto because its the first region that was released, then Hoenn, and then Unova.
  8. Name Change Tickets are uguu expensive, so I dont want to purchase one and then notice that I cant choose the name I want because its already taken. Can a mod or GM help me with that, please? Or is there any other way to check without attempting to create a new char? Thanks in advance
  9. I'd go with KizunaAi any day, as I love 2D girls.
  10. Well I always read them and talk to everyone on my first playthrough (not only in PokeMMO), it adds a lot to the experience and adds some immersion to the game (IMO). While its true that you can just google all of it, if they (the devs) actually want to teach new players about comp, they really should give hints on this stuff during the playthrough. It shouldn't tell you that, it should tell you that your chansey has a slight boost to speed and debuff to sp. def, but whether this is good or not its up to the player to tell That would help, but its better to teach them little
  11. tfw I really want to play the game for the first time in 2 years and the server is down
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