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  1. Anyone watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes (2018)? I'm close to finishing the old one and thinking if that one is worth a go. Ep 82 never forget.
  2. Roundabout

    The Case for Level Caps

    Are you sure? Did it happen for every pokemon game or just FR/LR? I'm pretty sure my typhlosion started disobeying me in crystal when I overleveled it
  3. Roundabout

    A Player you will never forget.

    IcarusBurst, he was the first guy to breed a 6x0 pokemon iirc with the old breeding system, and I gave him the idea and the first breeder to do so (3x0 paras I think?), and he gave me like 600k when he sold the 6x0 for like 2 m. Fun times. I took a break from PokeMMO for a few months and when I came back he was gone, never seen him online again. PedroBr because he was the first guy who trusted me in PokeMMO (he let me hold his shiny Staryu and Ninetales for a while back when it was valuable) (at the time scamming wasn't against the rules) I met a lot of cool people on PokeMMO, it feels so bad to forget their names. I still keep their OTs within my box through, so I can always remember, I'll make a list later
  4. Roundabout

    Allow us to delete characters

    They won't do that just for convenience, these people would more likely just start another account. The time when people would buy these items is if they already played a lot, like 1000 hours + and/or have already beaten the whole storyline and don't wanna lose their progress. I doubt they'd buy these items for a alt they haven't even beat the first GYM
  5. Roundabout

    Allow us to delete characters

    Seriously, nearly everytime I open the forums there is someone asking how to delete a character. Why not just let them do it?
  6. Roundabout

    'Casual mode'

    I don't really support OP's suggestion but I feel like some features were better off as they were back in 2014-2015 (level cap and breeding). I said this once and I'll say again: the increased difficulty of storyline makes casual players frustrated and quit the game, but it seems like the devs don't care at all about this. About breeding I felt a big impact at first, but once prices settled down everything was just almost as expensive as it originally was (comps being around 250-400k, 800k+ for multiple IV'd ones and not harder at all to make), in fact I felt like it was harder back then due to the RNG involved in breeding, but RNG is also what made breeding fun, and they took it away, I remember that one time I hatched a 6x30-31 Eevee after a bunch of 2x31s and I was so happy, (too bad it turned out to be 4x31 2x30). These changes are pretty good from a competitive standpoint, but pretty bullshit for those people that just want to play the game with friends, this isn't Pokemon Showdown, if I just wanted to play competitively I'd go there. I feel like this is more of a battle sim today than it was back in 2014-2015.
  7. Roundabout

    What's your fav pokemon

    Shiny Charizard. Or Megasparce.
  8. Roundabout

    2D girl appreciation thread

    Tomo-chan is fucking beautiful. I wish it'd get an anime adaptation
  9. Roundabout


    Hey, I finally managed to sell a shiny I've been holding for long and now I have 9M, and I don't have any Unova comps, so I've been wondering... 1. Is it still worth it to breed my own comps or am I better buying someone else's? 2. Should I go for perfect comps or 2x31/4x20-25 will do the job just as well? 3. What comps should I get first? (I do OU and Ubers) Thanks!
  10. Please? It's annoying.
  11. Roundabout

    Does anyone else JUST use YouTube?

    yes you're missing out, but we all are
  12. Roundabout

    RNG-less battle mode

    yeah, but it won't happen simply (most of the time) due to bad luck
  13. Roundabout

    RNG-less battle mode

    Yeah, and thats exactly where skill would matter, by forcing players to build a team that can actually deal with most potential threats? Thanks for the videos, and yeah that would work, but the problem is that if you truly wanted to balance out the odds then it'd take a lot of games, and it would make tournaments significantly longer, and couldn't be played on a single day as it's done today, and could even make the game boring
  14. Roundabout

    RNG-less battle mode

    if you let that set up mon set up on you at first place is because you're bad, or because that mon is unbalanced (in which case it should be banned or nerfed), secondary effects like burn, sleep and poison should still exist, but just not through random crap.
  15. Roundabout

    RNG-less battle mode

    Thats what we know as RNG Yes they are, and thats why I'm suggesting a new mode without them, I never said I want them to be removed permanently from the game

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