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  1. Or we just can use a Dialga no?
  2. I'm only saying but this option helps in the main games to train with the first low leveled mon holding a lucky egg so you can switch because it's too weak to fight if you don't feel like train with wild mons, after all exp. share gives less experience. But With the Kalos region implementing the Multi-Exp Share this option became USELESS and we don't need the lucky egg anymore lol.
  3. That's what i though, variety is the best. Ok thank you :)
  4. Oh wow, thank you guys, a weigh is off my shoulders now xD I'll make 3x31 and 27-29 (in the other stats) pokes then, it's less expesive for me.
  5. Wait, people actually go competitive with 2x31 pokemons? (i haven't been in a tornament btw) Because i have a bunch of 2x31
  6. So i'm starting to make a competitive team, and like the breeding guide says, make a 5x31 iv pokemon is expensive and time consuming. Literaly i have to make the same pokemon + the 31 iv extra stat . So here is my question, can you be top 1 in a tournament with only 4x31 iv pokemon? Right now i'm breeding a snivy and i reached 31 iv in sp at, sp def, def and speed. But then i have 9 iv in hp... i was like... Bruh I don't want to spend 400k+ in just hp ad get mind exploded for all the time i have to invest in that. (i have a life pls T-T) n.nU
  7. Thanks! I'll do that then. You can close this.
  8. Well, like the title says, what is the most efficient way of breed them? Search one mon in their egg group that is VERY easy to catch and a female starter? because their rates are awful in both catch and appear DX (about 2 hours for 5 starters wtf?) An example: cottonee appears in the same place as snivy, and both are in the grass group so: a male cottone with good ivs + a female snivy with good nature = an good/avarage ived snivy with good nature? Am i in the right track?
  9. Hmm, can't they just ban legends in any form of competitive play and get over with? Some people likes to have legends for the looks (Zekrom it's awesome and i always have it in my team). Or just make a tier of competitive of ONLY legends, other pokemon won't be allowed. idk i'm just saying don't mind me xD
  10. Ok, thank you for the reply guys :D
  11. Hi, i'm not exactly new to Pokemmo but i'm a little confused right now, so i wanted to ask a question Is there a way to reset my EVs? i'd read that it can be done with berries, is that true? And if so, is that the only way? isn't there an EVs NPC Reset or something?
  12. And here i thought that my PC didn't meet the requeriments for the battle animations when Close combat didn't show the punches and just the blue screen lol, good thing to know then, let's wait :)
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