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  1. Team: IvGG Players: LordWalt, diegoxpro, JarenX , ItzInmortal , Uveja , Aleex Capitan: diegoxpro
  2. aun sigue en pie este post :v?
  3. Name: dIOxpro Team Tag: World Cup 2019 Rank: Character(s)/Pokemon:PERU Backround:Red - White Donation: 300k sig banner Additional information:It can be 9 names?
  4. If you are a competitive player, you must have a variety of equipment. Do not depend on not being seen.
  5. Name:dIOxpro Team Tag:WORLD CUP 2019 Character(s)/Pokemon(s):peru Render (Optional): Theme Colors:red white Type of Artwork: banner Animated?: yes Donation:300k Additional information:It can be 9 names?
  6. just when there is tournament that mischief
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