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  1. Wow, you're coming back after a long long time
  2. Hey guys, I'm currently watching two animes but I'm following Kimetsu no yaiba or demon slayer, It's simply so epic you have to watch it
  3. The problem are the chineses :c they created their Own economy and now everybody here are entering to that
  4. What do u think about one piece? D: oda revealed the end o one piece is near T_T
  5. I see I will keep them, but is anybody have information about them tell me please :3 @Darkshade you can close this Ty
  6. I saw a video ty :3 :o I can see u like TG?
  7. haxorus is very nice, but you are not bald e.e
  8. Welcom to ART CLUB UwU Hey Guys I was thinking, "maybe a lot of people can draw very nice, why not make an Art club?" so it's here :D here we can share draws :3 I hope u like it
  9. I hope re-obtaining in the future :c because this year event vanity was only hats and costumes (they are very cool principally ice :O)
  10. :o so it's good idea to sell it? because developers say "we are going to fix that in the uptade" or update Idk they said that they were going to put the "limited" tag for limited vanities
  11. Hello, sorry if my english is bad I have seen some event items from hallowen or christmas and in the tag just say "event" but it does not say limited, for example in the candy cane, gigerbread man, scythe, and others. So I just wanna know if they are going to be availables again, for selling them :) Thankyou very much
  12. I play in LAN who plays ranked with me I'm silver 3
  13. Same :'v Im currently on chapter 536 I really like them :O
  14. Yep, but My favorite anime and manga is One Piece hahaha
  15. I watch One Piece too :OOOOOO Hey you can count with me, do u like anime :O?
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