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  1. Another event? Wynaut? (Tuesday 21st November)

    Wynaut is very cute :3
  2. Please fix Politoed's back sprite

    Epic fail
  3. ~30 Days to go until Unova

  4. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    Unova is near. I can fell it
  5. 2D girl appreciation thread

    I love sao <3
  6. 2D girl appreciation thread

    I love the anime <3 is very cool this thread is OP :D
  7. This game is already boring

    Bro pokemmo sometimes is boring but you can do 2 things: The 1st erase the game The 2nd is see the positive to the game for example: you can meet really good people and make friends, you can too prepare strategies for unova PokeMMo has a lot of things to do just need to be discovered :)

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