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  1. TheBlueExorcist

    Legendary Pokémon Guide

  2. TheBlueExorcist

    Hidden Abilities

    Are they available :O?
  3. TheBlueExorcist

    Hidden Abilities

    Bro but zen mode can only be used on darmanitan .-.
  4. TheBlueExorcist

    Hidden Abilities

    I see ty
  5. TheBlueExorcist

    Hidden Abilities

    Hey I saw you wrote in the the added abilities, some of them are hidden abilities like Moxie so, I wanted to know how can I get them?. Also I saw abilities of Legendary pokemons Like arceus, darkrai, victiny. Are they available to catch know like mewtwo or rayquaza? Sorry for my bad english. Ty
  6. kyu what about shutdown?

    1. 2273838120


      I have been doing this since yesterday. I have opened a new character to advance, but the old character has been doing this all the time. After applying for a new number, you can go in, unload the game, change the net, and try all kinds of methods. do you know what is going on? As soon as you choose a character to go in, the network drops off abnormally. I can't send pictures, so I don't have pictures.What's the name of the character that has been stuck online?Account game 2273838120 GodRMB role。This question trouble? Can you repair? My old role can also be used? How long will it take if I can repair?

  7. TheBlueExorcist

    Shiny Seedot :3

  8. TheBlueExorcist

    Close Pls

    Close please
  9. TheBlueExorcist

    Server full

  10. TheBlueExorcist

    Shiny Seedot :3

    Selling/trading shiny seedot :3 I'm accepting offers :3
  11. TheBlueExorcist

    Close Pls

  12. TheBlueExorcist

    Close Pls

  13. TheBlueExorcist

    Anime Opening/Ending Thread

    Durarara!! Its epic

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