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  1. [ËPIC] ËpicStrategists

    Hmmmm Rules will be added soon
  2. Hall of the fame

  3. Mod file extension

    @Desucan u teach me to make a Mod more specific?
  4. I see can be any pokemon in winter envinroment?
  5. new mayor of pokemmo BESTFRIENDS

    I said I'm in bro
  6. Shiny discussion rate

    Help me I have 24 hours hunting shiny and Wasted 500-600 zanamas what should I do? I'm very annoyed :c
  7. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Working on link's shield and master sword Zelda dress too
  8. Indication for couples

    "WOW" Darkshade I have a good Idea for a vanity Item I'm working in something awesome!
  9. Vanity Base

    WHY? What he did? D:
  10. Vanity Base

    RUAK is live :O?
  11. Vanity Base

    Bro try to use paint in pixel mode with zoom
  12. new mayor of pokemmo BESTFRIENDS

    I'm in ^^ Vote 4 blue
  13. Bro you get so lower


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