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  1. Oy, what do you expect from someone who raises from the dead every so often to shit post? With that said, Pet Semetary, the original of course though the remake was decent.
  2. imagine being anyone else but you, babe? i couldn't, the idea alone makes me SICK

  3. boi, i do not even know where to begin, but i hope everything is well with yew. I do, throwing knives are a lot of fun - totally should get some ;o
  4. Because when you think you've done everything, & there is nothing more for the game to offer. Instead of finding another game, you just do it all over again.
  5. That is what their nonchalant post would lead you to believe. when in fact it is really that they wish they were the richest player & are actually jealous they are not. So they want to diminish the discussion to make themselves feel better about really being the poorest. It's simple stuff, really ~
  6. not go out of my way & post in the thread asking who cares, that's for sure lol.
  7. only you babe can show these ppl what is good; they have no idea what having taste actually is

    I luv yew, never stop being yew <3

  8. w0w... not a single person mentioned Quinten Tarrantino? We have Paul Blart and over-acting Nicolas Cage, not a single Tarrantino master-piece? i swear you people, other than the OP - have no taste in cinema at all. Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Hateful Eight? Nothing? Shocking. This is why cinema is dying, not because of liberal white-washing & political correctness. But because people have become so dumbed down they'll be entertained by any piece of shit that is thrown at them, the Marvel movies are a prime example of that. The B
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4irXQhgMqg
  10.  rEmEmBeR tHaT TiMe A bUnCh oF pEoPlE wOuLd MaKe iMpOsTeR AcCoUnTs UsInG oUr NaMeS & pRaIsInG uS LiKe ThE AnGeLs wE aRe & DeSeRvE???? 


    pReCioUs TiMeS bAbE, i LuV yEw

  11. I had a cult of personality going, once upon a time...
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