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  1. Vanity Item Suggestions

    You da' man Got the stoli ~
  2. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Ya lyublyu tebya ~ Is the only colour option red or can it be changed?
  3. Get on the discord 


    Text chat is pretty good on there

    1. RealLifeAngel


      Still no computer sadly ;~;


    Or track suits.... Can anyone confirm if track suits are in game? I still cannot play ;~;
  5. [BUSR] Bushido Reborn

    invite pls
  6. Remove Rocket Uniform

    I agree entirely, all of these should be removed. Then nobody will have to worry about whether or not items will remain exclusive anymore, & so on & so forth. But that is a topic of discussion for another day. My point is if being a theif is not allowed then neither should attire promoting stealing. After all, only a fraction of the game's population even know the forums exist, so most will associate team rocket with fradualent behaviour! What? Why would I fish for likes when they do not even account for anything that is stupid lol
  7. Remove Rocket Uniform

    In my opinion the rocket uniform vanity is pointless. ~ Considering that scamming / defrauding / stealing from other players is now against the rules, dressing like a member of team rocket, an organization based on scamming / defrauding / stealing from other "Pokémon trainers" (which was part of the original canon of the games / series) is meaningless in a game that does not allow players to act out that same role in the end game, & therefore should be removed! v.v;
  8. Halloween 2017

    It is funny to me lol just like how you keep saying that but replying to me anyway, just like how you say you were not being self entitled but that was exactly how you were acting lol
  9. Halloween 2017

    Nyet, I just think it is funny how you & a bunch of other thought you were entitled to something because "the majority wants it" lol
  10. ~ * P o O f * ~

  11. PTS HYPE

    Sometime in 2013 I battled a rocket grunt & they had a shiny rattata! Must not have been taken out, just incredibly rare circumstance! Dunno if it is gone now doe ;o
  12. Ahoy

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. RealLifeAngel


      Velikolepnyy, comrade! My lil' online business actually started to pick up again & as of now I am still picking thorns out of my coat from when I leaped into this bush when I was 2 lit 2 quit on Friday night lolll


      what is stranger things? what kind of car? ;o

    3. fredrichnietze


       tl;dr et meets x men meets lovecraft


      and buissness picking up is good but dont go get liver poisoning and die on me man.  car uhhh idk? its white i thinks it is a chevy

    4. RealLifeAngel


      LOL it's font is a total rip off of return of the Jedi hahahaha looks cute doe 


      & I will not my friend, but you know what they say a recovering alcoholic is forever recovering hehehe 


      I had a big ol' 2003 Cadillac when I lived in America still, probably was impounding & auctioned off by now lol



  13. Halloween 2017

    But I thought the majority mattered? What happened? I guess I was right after all & you should have just listened lol

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