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  1. Just came here to figure out who we are STABbing...

  3. SoundCloud future

    SoundCloud is pretty neat it will probably be around for awhile, someone will end up buying it before it ever shuts down, idk why a lot of shitty music on there but there some gems! So I think it would be perfect for you. ^_~ I would just use YouTube lol
  4. Frequently asked questions.

    How much does it cost now-a-days to create a team? s:
  5. Hiya buddy 

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    2. RealLifeAngel


      ya chto chuvstvovat ^~^

    3. Moetal


      Чего ты делаешь сегодня?

    4. RealLifeAngel


      Chillin' like a villain'



  6. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    Thx u But you cannot play nice, til you act nice & you cannot act nice, til you @ThinkNice
  7. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    You all need to start being nice
  8. HipHop / Rap Discussion ~

    Bobby Raps is awesome, personally I has not heard much of his solo stuff, but imo I do not think he should do anything w/out Corbin, they compliment each other's style so well. Here is another one; I has not heard anything about him since he got out of prison, I luv him though, what are the new albums?
  9. Vanity Item Suggestions

    I did it was just as an anime.. B.c as much as I am a Slav, I am a weeb too ~
  10. hi there buddy ol' pal

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    2. fredrichnietze


      i dont play i am not in a team and im probably not going to play again until unova but maybe not even then. 



       it's ez i did it first with a blender then with the mixer thingy 

    3. RealLifeAngel


      That is amazing I am going to try sometime soon! How did it come out?


      & damn I never started a team before & figured maybe I would try if I could find someone to do it with but everyone I am friends with either does not play or are committed already ;~;

    4. fredrichnietze


      very good. use a shallow container so the toppings dont end up at the bottom and dont stir too much after adding the heavy stuff like choclate and heath and nuts. also for mixing, do it until you think it's enough then do it a extra minute or two, lress is not more more is more.


      and yea everyones dead atm


  11. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Did you read my full post, or just the part where I said the colours are wrong? Lol B.c whilst your image as I said is good for a basis, the style is not correct & I have described how it should actually be s:
  12. New subforum section

    & what would you propose we call such a sub forum? Lol
  13. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Perhaps the base, yes. But the colours is wrong. The colours would has to be black or navy blue since those are the standard & the stripes would has to be white! Also, the stripes would need to be going down the side of the sleeves, not the chest & would need to extend entirely down the side of both pant legs. Also, said lines need to be doubled not one solid one. But like I said, that is a great example for a basis, thx you! ADDITIONAL SUGGESTION; USHANKA HAT Where would it go; Head it is a hat lol What does it look like; Symbol is @Darkshade's call, though if it was up to me it would be required in the design v.v;

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