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  1. Was there ever a good system? srs here me out; B.c it seems like to me no matter what the developers do someone always has a problem w/ something lol idk why anyone would even make a thread like this, if it ruins it for you just stop playing no one cares, especially the staff tons of ppl exactly like you will take your place in a months time. It is like complaining about Harvey Weinstein rubbin' one out on your face, when you could have just left hours ago & avoided the whole mess b.c some other sloot will just do it instead & save you the trouble lol
  2. I am OBVIOUSLY fine, @Quakkz you should be asking the one calling creatures thick & wanting their numbers s: but thx for askin'
  3. Should change your location, you are not nearly as edge as you used to be & neither am I lol

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    2. RealLifeAngel


      Lmao I missed u, man 

    3. Malorne


      Missed u to love, hurry up and come back so we can terrorize ppl xD

    4. RealLifeAngel


      Am tryin' darlin' 


      just gettin' readjusted here has been a uguu ;~; not too much doe, I cannot get banned again! 



  4. & then you realize that having your name as the OT does not actually make it more valuable, nor make you any real money. So every time you mention it to somebody you die a little inside because you know you could have actually been accomplishing something during all the time you spent & wasted looking for it. Then right before you attempt suicide you see one of those Spanish speaking new players just caught the same shiny you did, & that someone came along & tricked them into selling it to them for 50k b.c they have no idea what the value was, considering they do not use the forums let alone speak a lick of English, & that is when you kick the table over & dangle there until your Mum comes in to bring you a pop tart & discovers your corpse laying there w/ a pissed off look on your face, b.c you know this game just took you for a ride.
  5. Oh I see what you mean, but it seems to me like that is what most ppl have a problem with when regarding the shiny rate. I do not understand that either tbh, ppl are stupid I guess. Either way though, it rly appears that most ppl like yourself are a minority in this case & that just adds to why having an OT is basically meaningless, unless you are a collector which most ppl are not then there is no point & you'd be better off just doing some old fashion trickery! s:
  6. I know, & I think it is stupid. Scamming is fundamental to Pokemon, thieves & police that do nothing about it exist in the canon & I think it is a pretty poor online Pokemon game if players cannot even assume the role of a thief! but you do not has to scam ppl, that is just my opinion about that! You can easily just take advantage of ppl's ignorance & get the same results. Idk what there is not to understand. Ppl farm & hunt tons of shit in real life for profit lol
  7. I can understand for mere collection purposes, being why ppl would want an OT, but to this extent? Just collecting them is hardly worth all of this! but when it seems like ppl only rly care b.c of the fake money they could be making, it does not matter, especially when there are a tons of ways to make money in game, especially from non OT shines i remember when this game was basically sociopath simulator & you could full on pretend to be someone's friend just to steal their shit & no one even bat an eye about it, but it has become too soft lol
  8. My point is, you can easily just trick ppl into giving you shiny for free, or just low ball some noob who has no idea what the true values are, which a lot of ppl are fuckin' clueless considering most of them do not even know the forums exist. Just like anything that is money based, if you would just be less moral & more cutthroat then having an OT wouldn't matter because you can just take advantage of ppl's ignorance to make that 5-6 mil, just like real life, duh
  9. Why? You can virtually just carry an unlimited amount & it is not like you can get mugged lol
  10. Who cares, the only thing special about this is having your name displayed as the original trainer lol How does it actually benefit any of you? it is not like it raises the value of them or benefit you in real life, making you real world money! Want a real challenge? Trick others into giving you their shiny without out right robbin' them! Especially hard if you are a dirty boy!
  11. Oh so like the thousandth off topic forum, that'll do well for awhile just to eventually die & everyone disappear again for years, right? I'm in ~
  12. Pft, they probs just jerkin u & everyone else along again like they did everyone last time they said they will bring it back lol
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