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  1. Not this garbage game, that is for sure. I am playing the far superior; Animal Crossing New Horizon ~
  2. Yuck, what has happened to you all? literally all of this looks disgusting & fattening x:
  3. Welp, privyet comrades. I decided to rise up from my grave & log in just to make this thread for you ~ isn't Animal Crossing just... The cutest thing ever? I has not played an Animal Crossing since the one on GameCube & being almost thirty years old now. I could not has possibly imagined that I would actually be able to get back into this cute lil' game ;o It is even better than I remember it being & I am just absolutely obsessed. I has been basically neglecting everything just to play this game for literally hours on end ;o Who else plays????? there has to be some of you ppl that still come around these forums that actually has a shred of good taste! Do not ask to visit my heavenly island, literally none of you heathens & degenerates are welcome. Now discuss. Thx & goodbye
  4. Game stopped being good years ago anyway ~
  5. this does seem pretty right up my alley, thx you so much ^~^; I am still open to more, but for now I will be checkin’ this out!
  6. Never forget, babe. They may be living, but you get to be dead forever <3;


  8. I has not watched anime in awhile, kind of out of touch & lookin’ to get back into it again now that things are starting to be better. any suggestions? Preferably something rly fuckin’ cute or something rly fuckin’ dark, both if possible would be wonderful ^~^
  9. & it is you!


    it is like you’ve always knew me ~

  10. I am not a feral critter, i promise ~
  11. this is an awful idea, babe. i do not need to be reminded that stupid, careless, & visually oblivious ppl exist in this world more than I already am on a daily basis & I am sure there are other ppl who feel the same way
  12. pft, jhoto is the next logical region to implement. v~v; s0 much so, that it should have been added even before Hoenn. YEW guys need 2 get ur shit together, b.c jhoto not having been added already does not make any damn sense, babe I mean damn, heart gold & soul silver roms are already compatible, & they are required 2 walk ur Pokémon outside the ball


  14. Welp, for those of you that remember i requested that track suits be added for epic & authentic in game gopnik style slav squatting, & successfully did so i might add!!! much luv 2 @Darkshade for that ^~^ B.c of my glorious request, now you can scream 2 urself ur fav’ random Russian vulgarities like CYKA & BLAYT after accidentally killing the shiny you been after for literally years, & look good doing it too. but still, something is missing, something that truly ties it all together, I tried requesting adidas but they would apparently be 2 hard to design. I has accepted this grim truth & you should too. instead, instead i ask for USHANKAS! B.c why scuff ur adidas when u can praise the motherland in ur very own ushanka?! EXAMPLE; & that is pretty much it thx 4 ur time babes, luv yews ~ SLAVA ROSSIYA
  15. another fav’ thing of mine about dis’ game is the fact that if ur a cutie, it is substantially easier 2 get shinies, easier than it is 4 literally everyone else. got 2 appreciate a game that recognizes that gurlz rule da’ world ~
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