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  1. IGN : TheBeldumMaster IGN : Stelian IGN : MadaraSixSix
  2. Road to shiny beldum Episode 3 - a 3rd shiny golbat appeared Maybe I should change my name for TheGolbatMaster ? :thinking: 15th OT, without donator
  3. 14th OT, without dona I don't even know wtf I was doing in challenger cave xD
  4. 13th OT, without donator, about 25k encounters since my last shiny I'm glad that's not a shiny boldore :D
  5. Well, staff : This is the current tier list and usage statistic that you can find here. As you can see, the OU dominate the other tiers with 58214 teams used (97.2%) against 998 for UU (1.7%) and 668 for NU (1.1%). NU and UU are litteraly dying, in a month we have only two NU torunaments and this saturday we will have 2 OU tournaments. I'm getting bored with this game. I don't blame anyone for this, but please, do something to increase the number of NU and UU matchmaking. I really hope that you will read this post :) PS : as doc PBJ said in this thread, we often forget the doubles. It would be cool to see this tier rebirth too.
  6. 12th and one of my most beautiful shiny :D without donator, I was just watering my plants :p
  7. well guys, let's play the game of differences : 11th OT, with donator, 2days after the 10th.. PS 1 : Get @Aeruned PS 2 : Shiny rate is fair, they said
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