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  1. Road to shiny beldum Episode 4 - a 4th shiny golbat appeared 16th OT, without donator
  2. Road to shiny beldum Episode 3 - a 3rd shiny golbat appeared Maybe I should change my name for TheGolbatMaster ? :thinking: 15th OT, without donator
  3. 14th OT, without dona I don't even know wtf I was doing in challenger cave xD
  4. 13th OT, without donator, about 25k encounters since my last shiny I'm glad that's not a shiny boldore :D
  5. Well, staff : This is the current tier list and usage statistic that you can find here. As you can see, the OU dominate the other tiers with 58214 teams used (97.2%) against 998 for UU (1.7%) and 668 for NU (1.1%). NU and UU are litteraly dying, in a month we have only two NU torunaments and this saturday we will have 2 OU tournaments. I'm getting bored with this game. I don't blame anyone for this, but please, do something to increase the number of NU and UU matchmaking. I really hope that you will read this post :) PS : as doc PBJ said in this thread, we often forget the doubles. It would be cool to see this tier rebirth too.
  6. 12th and one of my most beautiful shiny :D without donator, I was just watering my plants :p
  7. well guys, let's play the game of differences : 11th OT, with donator, 2days after the 10th.. PS 1 : Get @Aeruned PS 2 : Shiny rate is fair, they said
  8. Hello people, As a PvP player, I noticed that tiers NU and UU are often forgotten (apart from the rare tournaments with shiny prizes and cc's, as long as they are organised when the community is very present) and players usually prefer play OU, because it's the majority tier. Also, my suggestion is to motivate PvP players and orient themselves towards NU/UU through the ranked : I imagine a kind of league for these tiers where, at the end of each month, the first 5 players of the ladder (for example) would receive a reward appropriate to their prowess (like in tournaments). I think this would be of interest to many people and would also encourage OU players to take an interest in other tiers. I hope you will appreciate my suggestion :)
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