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  1. there is no ishiny charm(apple have created too many products). Neither is there shiny charm.
  2. Is the easy way out so you don't need to level your pokemon before getting into battle? People spend time trying out lvl their friend while doing the story so they can win their little pvp.. Don't mess it up.
  3. Just check which friend is online then pm them.. Unless they are all afk.. Or u have no friends or u have too many friends.. I don't see how this could be a problem or needed to be improved on.
  4. Since total IV is implemented and shown now.. Why not add total IV advance search on GTL?
  5. I think he means that PokeMMO should just start charging Chinese players for playing/hacking/influx in community. And charge $200+ USD/month?(this is the small starter amount which he thinks should increase?)
  6. basically any move on a lvl 100 with power over 60 should be good..
  7. So this is mainly for single OU? No fame for the doubles? UU? NU? Little Cup?

    Hidden ability

    Move all the available Hidden ability as of now to become the second ability if the pokemon only have first and hidden ability.

    Vanity Thread

    Golden boots... Genius :)
  10. At first I thought this was another noob complain.. Lmao..
  11. IDKPRO

    new region?

    Fairy is not even in yet.. :(
  12. IDKPRO

    Vanity Thread

    Piglet top! No suit. Because might look ugly..
  13. IDKPRO

    Breedable gifts

    Me Too. *high five Sadly can't make it more Broken then it already is..
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