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  1. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    Thanks for the help. DO I bet on team Or on a certain match outcome? Any minimum bet? This is a bet x pay x right? Need to confirm all this to not lose as much money..
  2. Shiny Electrode Lottery!

    I will take 72! will mail 25k it to u..
  3. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    Is there anywhere I can see the next match up? How do I bet?ask someone to accept? Is there a age requirement? i might be underage..
  4. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    Hi guys.. I am noob here.. Anyone wanna explain this to me?
  5. Abomasnow is 2.2metre tall and avalugg is only 2m tall. Doesn't make sense. Don't feel sad.. I am just a kill joy.. :)
  6. I got a slogan idea Bestfriends-Your mayor and your best friend Sounds nice?
  7. Event Suggestions & Feedback

    Lowest IV catch? With bad nature adding points and good nature subtracting points? Species bonus that minus the points?
  8. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Disguiser item that turns you into a pokemon follower(depend on what Disguiser you use) for 24 hours in real life? Or permanently?
  9. Why not let the mayor assist in this event?
  10. Please use rocket hideout in celadon city.. The place giovanni was.. That is the perfect place..
  11. Event Alert

    Have an alert system that ping us if there is an event in the time slot we have picked. Players will be able to more alert on the events happening and game masters can see which time slot they have not tried before and do it.
  12. I will submit some shit picture to get at least second place..

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