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  1. I don't think it was implemented at all

    30 Tickets - 5k$ per ticket ----------------------- ONE WINNER !!! - Staff Member BILBURT will pick the winner when all tickets sold - Buy tickets first then add your number so people can see wich tickets are already reserved. - Only paid tickets are reserved. Pay mailing the money to "IDKPRO" ingame. - The time I recieve the mail prevales on the time you posted here, in case of 2 players choose the same ticket. Tickets
  3. How the story works: U guys choose how the future story will be like, I will write it out. (I am not a expert writer so my English wouldn't be so good, but I think this will give story writing in this forum a good chance to shine) Go share this with your friends to enjoy the story together. 3/4/2017(my real birthday date other than the year)
  4. tradeable BP

    They can make it such that by putting in BP nobody can put in more money and vice versa. This though can be argued that they will just finish the trade and trade money later. But would u do a cash-in to a unknown player who just sell money that may also be a scammer? Then this will also be argued that they will do the trade among friends they know. Which also can be tweaked such that in the first place that some(5%) BP is loss in the trade? Which will decrease the people trading money for BP(vice versa). So it will be like a fee that they will lose 5% of their BP if they wanna trade BP for money(vice versa). If 5% is too little dev can always increase the % of BP fee.
  5. Your Team for Unova

    Otter / electric horse / Verdant pokemon / Kokoromori/ dessert Kroc For now.. Try figuring out who is who Only got 5 badges
  6. tradeable BP

    Like money BP should be tradable such that events can also give BP and we can use it as a second money. I am not sure if this suggestion have been made before, but I hope this will be implemented Pros: new event prizes New mode of money value Bp becomes more important Cons: Yen(economy) worth drop (It is already dropping with the reduction of npc output, how worse can it be?) Bp over use (not gonna be a problem much unless BP can buy more thing)
  7. Voltorb Lotto

  8. Set which box wild pokemon go to

    +1 from me
  9. Voltorb Lotto

    U sure 2 random number?
  10. Event Suggestions & Feedback

    WHO'S THE DITTO To have this event, u need to have a few(better to have 3) helper(other mods) to help you. First, each mod choose a player(ditto) *don't choose the same person Second, have players play and a plan of who versus who.. *ditto don't fight ditto Third, make sure every player have only 1 pokemon with them in the duel(to make it fast) What does ditto do? Ditto will whisper "ditto" to the challenger (up to them if they want to say it or not) Once whispered Ditto, the player is out. (make sure they tell u who told them the secret word to ensure it is not some prankster) How does it end? A player can guess who is a ditto. If wrong, guesser is out of the game. If correct, the ditto is out and this player gets a prize(shiny ditto?) Important Ditto can't eliminate anyone in the first round. Ditto must at least eliminate 1 person every 3 rounds(make sure ditto can't keep hiding) Duel win/loss does not matter Ditto can eliminate anyone not out. If a player gets outside help to find who is a ditto, punished(cant join any more events?) Ditto must tell the host who they are eliminating before saying ditto. ~IDKPRO
  11. Voltorb Lotto

    That's too bad.. U should have predicted this before hand
  12. Voltorb Lotto

    So can u end the lotto soon (not tomorrow pls, I wanna buy 1 if it still is happening)? Maybe not fill up everything but choose numbers from those that are bought
  13. Voltorb Lotto

    Ball as in voltorb? So is it cancelled? Not gonna happen? Phew.. I was just gonna buy 1 tomorrow..
  14. Voltorb Lotto

    When will the lottery end? Are u really waiting for all 100 lottery to be bought? If you are waiting.. Maybe I better not buy
  15. Itemdex

    Instead of just a pokedex.. Have a itemdex too. This will help people locate items instead of having to go on bulbapedia or online just to find out where to get that item. (having bulbapedia and pokeMMO on at the same time causes me to have lots of lag) It can look like: EXP. Share image Info: An item to be held by a Pokémon. The holder gets a share of a battle's Exp. Points without battling. Finite Method: Kanto: Route 15 gate Hoenn: Devon Corporation Unova: Castelia City/I icirris City Infinite method: -

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