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    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    basically we are free to derail any other thread that this one if i take what you say. sweet it's going to be fun
  2. ThePrettyPetard

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    do you really want more poop asking the same question over and over again?
  3. ThePrettyPetard

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    SoonTM is for sure a dead meme but Soon™ will never die
  4. ThePrettyPetard

    A very salty boi

    so basically you are saying a single pokemon alone is the reason why a whole type isn't getting their mechanic updated? i know you guys want to avoid banning stuff to the maximum but banning this thing that need nerf left and right could make room for probably many more pokemon. for the case of gengar bisharp would shine against gengar with both sucker punch and pursuit availible.
  5. ThePrettyPetard

    A very salty boi

    oh yeah not like hydreigon could allready learn fire move that are in all case a better choice than using a dark move with normal effectiveness. looking at gengar that thing for suuuure doesn't have fighting move that could do better against a few steel type and could put a dent in a chansey/blissey. beside for making gengar slightly more powerfull i'll have to question how you got into the tier council to be saying hydreigon is a good reason to not make dark and ghost do NEUTRAL damage to steel when the only difference it would make would be switching in a steel type in when you predict a dark move.
  6. ThePrettyPetard

    A very salty boi

    since this isn't vanilla game wouldn't it be better to just say fuck gamefreak's pooped "balance" on that and just modify the rock move a little? while we at it why not make ghost and dark do neutral damage to steel allready? These steel type are everywhere in pvp and that change would even be a canon on since it's how it works in the later gen.
  7. ThePrettyPetard

    Devs Log

    could be nice if they could add their to do list has well in there that way we could be sure that good suggestion aren't forgoten
  8. ThePrettyPetard

    Nice Capture Rate&Pokemons

    i think you should be disqualified for being staff with the no kicking for being afk perk
  9. ThePrettyPetard

    I'd like a clear understanding here

    i would have used a flareon insted but sadly it lack in endurance so i had to settle for a zard for the story
  10. ThePrettyPetard

    Petard's Pawn shop /eeveelution shop

  11. ThePrettyPetard

    Petard's Pawn shop /eeveelution shop

    Pawn shop Welcome to the Pawn shop before any transaction please read the following rule 1. to get a loan you need to have something (pokemon or item) of higher value than the loan you are wanting 2. you will not get the full value of an item has a loan 3. you may loan multiple pokemon and or item at the same time for a loan 4. you must decide for how long you will pawn you belonging before you recieve the loan. 5. the interest rate is of 1% per day or 7% for 2 week. for example you can pawn an item for 5 days to have an interest rate of 5%. 6. in the event that you don't have enough money to fully pay back in time you can pay the interest to get a time extension of the same time has the original time but the interest will come back at the same has soon has the time for the original loan end. for example if you have loan of 1m for 2 week, you can pay 70k to extend the loan by another 2 week but you will still have to pay 1m and 70k at the end of that extension 7.i will not give loan by mail if you send me items or pokemons by mail unless i agreed before with you 8. if i am not on and you want to pay your loan or get an extension when the end time is near you can mail me the money with the detail 9. only owner can claim the item(s)/pokemon(s) but i can allow someone else to pay for him/her if it is clearly stated for who they are paying for. 10. if the payment doesn't come in time the item(s) / pokemon(s) will be considered to be my property and thus will allow me to do whatever i want with it 11. i will state the end time you have to pay back your loan using the EDT/EST timezone. up to 0m curently availible for loan yeah i am broke now... my IGN is the same has my name here
  12. ThePrettyPetard

    I'd like a clear understanding here

    charmander is still the best doesn't matter if the 2 first gym fuck him hard. tho it might be smart to just pick bulba then ditch him at the first chance you have to get a charmander becaus you would most likely ditch that first charmander for a better one anyway
  13. ThePrettyPetard

    Look for ?x31 in gtl

    honestly i feel like it is much easier to keep searching with the curent system than it would be for the devs to implement such search mechanism. i'll give it to you it does seem fairly hard to search with our curent system but the thing is that it only seems. once you get used to it you can search everything fairly quickly.
  14. ThePrettyPetard

    Crit rate and happiness

    i never heard anything about any of this in nearly 2 years of playing this game so i'll just assume a bit and anwser everything. crits are most likely working the same has in the original game with the gen 7 crit rate no clue why you think it involve happiness in any way shape or form just fighting raise the happiness but i guess you can also use daisy and ev related item (either adding or reducing) for a faster boost also walking works to and sooth bell may be usefull i don't see why damage calculator wouldn't be accurate beside for the fact that they haven't made dark and ghost do neutral damage to steel yet for some reason and that some move have different power.
  15. ThePrettyPetard

    I'd like a clear understanding here

    yeah but misty sure got the most impressive amount of destroyed noob, even i lost to her once (i blame my use of shitachu).
  16. ThePrettyPetard

    I'd like a clear understanding here

    you can't use gtl unless you have 4 badge now bud so it is of no help for him
  17. ThePrettyPetard

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    Have you read anything before commenting? It think it's obvious that you didn't since the anwser are allready in this thread but i still felt like asking.
  18. ThePrettyPetard

    A few questions

    You forgot to mention pc extension ticket wich can be quite usefull if you are either the type to keep everything or have multiple project at the same time. But like donator status they aren't needed since we do have a fairly good storage to start with.
  19. ThePrettyPetard

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    I feel like most of the devs concern about ha pill would be that they won't release every ha mon at the same time making ha pill the only way to obtain certain ha and potentially a way to obtain ha they don't want us to have becaus they are broken like speed boost blaziken for example. Making ha pill available does sound great if they are properly balanced but it might require to be implemented last sadly.
  20. ThePrettyPetard

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    yeah i know there is people stupid enough to belive everything but i still think most of them are troll. but in any case it's a nice way to get all the dumb ass together if we ever want to get rid of them.
  21. ThePrettyPetard

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    pretty sure that conspiracy theory is just a troll and nothing more, just like those who "belive" in the flat earth.
  22. ThePrettyPetard

    Gym Rematch Team Help

    doesn't really matter what you use in my opinion just go for the hyper offense strat with some good speed and coverage and you are golden once your team is lvl 100. i often go in there with like only 4 pokemon being clueless what the gym leader have and still very rarely loose. but for the e4 rematch you should just forget it. in my opinion it's just a waste of time, since you need a full team of top tier with great strat and still need to use item to get a patetic payout for the time you spent there.
  23. ThePrettyPetard

    Johto Maps ?

    Is this a question or a suggestion? Either case we don't need it here
  24. ThePrettyPetard

    Add a Follow option so you can follow other players

    remind me of the time i got blocked by a girl for following her in 3 city while jumping on my bike tho whole time. that was a quite good time, for me at least.
  25. i mean i get that people will allways complain but i still feel like there is less people complaining when they don't meet their eta than in any other case becaus we know and spread awareness about them being bad at meeting their eta. in any case i would be much happier if they shared their plan more often even if we don't get an eta. the eta could just be overly exagerated has well to make sure they meet it like saying in the next 6 month for something they think would take 1.

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