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  1. I googled it to check the gen 7 mechanic for destiny bound and i don't see why npc switching would be that bad of a thing unless it just switched every turn until you don't have any destiny bound left to use. Yes there is a fairly decent chance you will wast your turn using it but mean look won't help much with that. Taunt might give better result honestly. I know npc are smarter here but i doubt that they where made to outright ruin some good move unless you have a second one to be able to use it.
  2. I think you are confusing destiny bound with curse here. Not saying switch from the npc won't be an issue but it doesn't seem like it would ruin everything.
  3. and that's why you should have used pokeball instead. also now that i think about it i did catch it with my alt has well in not that many pokeball not sure of the exact number but it was like 6 pokeball max. one of us might be quite far from average here so i wonder if i was lucky or if you where really unlucky.
  4. honestly i am just someone optimistic in general but i remain realist the most possible and your estimation of before 2021 for hg/ss seems like a pretty funny joke to me. if i had to guess when johto would come i would say at best we could see the pts by the end of 2021 but i highly doubt it will be this soon. i never played hg/ss i only played the original silver back when i was a kid but i am pretty sure you could finish the johto region while completly avoiding kanto so it should be easy to cut off if it is still the same way. in the event that the story was changed by the remake forcing you to go to kanto to finish johto the devs can just rewrite some part of the story since they can pretty much mess with everything since they have access to the all the assets with the roms.
  5. Pokemon happiness allready increase while you walk. i am pretty sure we allready pick up stuff by ourselves sometimes so no need for that. The devs ignored a good amount of mini games so far so one more not being implemented wouldn't be surprising. The mom saving has pretty much no use here since you don't loose money when you are beaten. The apricorn would be a dope thing to add though. The only thing we don't exactly have and wouldn't really want is the message when examining our pokemon.
  6. The follower are allready implemented though and work with gen 5 mon has well (with the help of a mod) You know they can just cut off the gen 4 kanto like they cut some part of unova right? Also i am not sure about this but i am pretty sure they said they wanted to update kanto to gen 4 at some point. It's pretty much at the bottom of the to do list but they might get there some day.
  7. Just saying but i am not against the idea. I support it but i was just saying you are a rare case and it's not that bad for most people.
  8. Pretty sure if you need to use 12 ultra ball you are just amazingly unlucky because it's catch rate is already fairly high ( i caught it on like my 2 or 3 pokeball at full hp)
  9. Why would johto be impossible if we allready have a many other region? Also he said soon, so there isn't any real timeframe said here.
  10. event item have never been reused so far but the possibility is out there if they ever run out of idea for cosmetic related to the event. also has anyone mentioned the new year party hat so far? that thing is so rare it might has well be consider unobtainable. not sure there is even any left in the wild.
  11. Has long has you don't use it outside the region it won't overlevel. Once it reaches the level cap it will store the exp and not lvl up past the current cap in the region you are in.
  12. Simple if a pokemon is over your lvl cap it will kill itself right away if you try throwing it out you can move pokemon between regions has much has you want but their lvl will just keep getting higher to more you use them like normal. If a pokemon has strored exp from a region where you have a lvl cap it will lvl up at its first use in any region where your lvl cap allows it.
  13. I would imagine more like a hundred people faffing abouts in multiple channel actually. The idea remains pretty dope if we got mini game in there.
  14. If they also had the underground part of sinnoh it could be fairly dope with the large player base here
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