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  1. ThePrettyPetard

    Level Lock

    ^ the exp just get stored until your cap raise then it will lvl up on the next fight after the cap is raised so theorically you could get a pokemon to go from lvl 20 to 100 skipping all the other lvl
  2. ThePrettyPetard

    Help I can not move!

    if you are stuck you can just type /unstuck you will get teleported to the starting town of the region after a little wait
  3. ThePrettyPetard

    Pokemmo on ios when

    i think the issue is to aquire the rom not the app itself
  4. ThePrettyPetard

    Level Lock

    yeah don't put them in the daycare and don't use them outside the region you don't want them to be overleveled for if you don't do any of those they won't go pass the lvl cap
  5. ThePrettyPetard

    Are we able to travel to johto yet?

    i can confirm this work but the timing is really hard to get so you might need to do it many times before you can do it. :P
  6. ThePrettyPetard

    Chinese player's advice

    would be nice if it was harder to notice the use of google translate but anyway i don't think you understand very well how the economy work has what you are suggesting would just lower the value of everything else even more. less way to make money mean more people farming item, more people farming item mean more competition and more competition mean lower price. we need way to generate money otherwise no one would buy what the other people farm. unless you mean to make this game cost something to everyone i have no clue what you mean
  7. ThePrettyPetard

    A suggestion from Chinese players

    hum.... what is the sugestion in all this?
  8. ThePrettyPetard

    I always bash the shitty decisions the devs made, but...

    i think it's the first update where devs didn't messed up anything (beside the gtl temporary change) since i joined over a year ago. i also think it's the update we have been the most informed about has well wich might imply that more communication make everything better. i heard there was maybe room for some slight complain on the hordes change but they wheren't the most vocal about it.
  9. ThePrettyPetard

    Sturdy is broken?

    just saying mold breaker is a thing wich bypass sturdy
  10. ThePrettyPetard

    Lets talk about the state of PokeMMO.

    yeah i doubt the devs want much to hire new people to touch on their baby
  11. ThePrettyPetard

    time to mess with the economy again?

    not at all it was rather created to send a message to the devs that something that isn't broken doesn't need to be fixed or to get some info on why they want to do that
  12. ThePrettyPetard

    time to mess with the economy again?

    i think i'll need you to elaborate some more on that one cuz i am not sure i get what you mean
  13. ThePrettyPetard

    time to mess with the economy again?

    yeah that one's never going to happen otherwise being a trader would be even more op
  14. ThePrettyPetard

    time to mess with the economy again?

    just saying the max fee per item is still 25k it's just changed for stackable item
  15. ThePrettyPetard

    time to mess with the economy again?

    well then that could be something that we could maybe live with for a little bit but some market will suffer during that time

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