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  1. Allow Carrying of 0 Pokemon

    well beside that overall that idea is a little pooped (edit seriously there is an auto censor for that?) that could be usefull if it was limited to a thing only doable inside a pokecenter. that would make swithching team less anoying when you don't want to keep them in the same box and could also speed up the processe of trading(selling/giving) a large amount of pokemon with someone, but anyway it's a really small feature that would probably take some work to implement and the devs allready have a long to do list so yeah this could be a the total bottom of it
  2. Gen 8 -> is bring back the megas

    you must either have missed a bunch of thread he/sh/it made or be extremly long to make a final judgement to still have doubt about this guy/gril/thing (wondering if this thread will be closed has well just becaus we get of topic again becaus there isn't much topic to start with)
  3. Lower Braces price in BF

    well from the price i saw before the big update they used to sell for 5k in average sometime going to 4k for a few of the vitamin (no clue what happen with hp up has well) but for some item such has choice item and brace the price went up by a lot when the brace became buyable with bp they went from 110-150k to 150-200k the life ball also went up in price by a fair amount and they all went up at the same time and didn't go back to what they used to be so the brace are most likely the cause of that raise in price so seeing them (the brace) go down in price would most likely lower the value of everything else
  4. Lower Braces price in BF

    Aren't those vitamins overpriced compared to before the brace for bp update they used to sell for about 5k each if you do your math again with this value (wich was more reasonable) you will see that 500 bp for a brace is a pretty good price but changing the vallue of the brace will most likely change the price for many items bought with bp since brace give the most solid unit of convertion into pokeyen but i think has well that the bp price for brace should be lowered, just not has much has you suggest
  5. should i switch a pokemon on my team for this?

    this lack in eeveelution to my taste you should add some :P
  6. What Gamefreak can do?

    welp i suck with names but yeah you got it right this might be the case for everyone here with a name like this i was expecting a discussion about why this game hasn't been shut down
  7. Things that Tilt me about pokemon mmo

    isn't this the guy that said that the forum was too toxic now making toxic post?
  8. What Gamefreak can do?

    hit ,me up of you seen any good idea from him/her/it so far becaus everytime i think he/she/it reached it's lowest he/she/it still manage to surprise me with it's next idea i think boldore is useable but there isn't many pure rock type i think
  9. increase Social and pvp IG

    is this even a suggestion? we allreay all know that the devs have a shit lot to do with the gen 5 update and pretty much everything you said is on their to do list. there is also a rule here about only one suggestion per thread but yeah the only the only thing your trying to suggest is something like a link chat (or other group chat thing) wich isn't a bad idea in my opinion
  10. Petard's eeveelution shop

  11. Unown

    welp thank god i got the whole colection before that
  12. Improve Mineral Group Breeding

    making it breed like any other mon makes it EASIER don't try to lie to us first thing why would you even want a 6x31 when a 5x31 is allready perfect and second your telling a lie here again becaus some people have perfect metagross like that it's just really hard and costly to get your trying to breed on so the chance of finding a wild perfect one is irrelevant here it for sure would break the economy for genderless there was better idea than this to make the genderless breeding easier, i would quote it if i could find it again, but that involed the introduction of nature pill wich make it easier without breaking the economy to get 5x31 natured edit: i found the suggestion i was talking about
  13. How do I go about finding a shiny stone?

    usually pokemon that evolve with it has a chance to hold one and for the area where they are found via pick up it's usually where the pokemon that may hold it are found
  14. get rid of the 5 post needed to post a suggestion

    I guess that mean you will push the devs/admin to change it if you cannot change it yourself
  15. / Unofficial / Vanity rares existence.

    How many custom vanity does the staff team even has?

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