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  1. Having this would be nice for the case when someone with a similar name whispers you at the same time and you end up mixing them because you didn't notice it was someone else who whispered you in the middle.
  2. ThePrettyPetard

    Petard's Pawn shop /eeveelution shop

  3. ThePrettyPetard


    you managed to disapoint me with that title and that lame question. but the devs aren't much interested to make this game work for iphone becaus it would require a jailbroken iphone to work.
  4. ThePrettyPetard

    Question about Thief

    Making the supply harder to obtain makes these said supply lower and lower supply make the price higher. Yes the rarity will be the same but the obtainablelity would change. There isn't only one factor that say how much there is of one thing in the case of thief item. sadly your issue is that you don't think far enough and seems to reject the idea of doing so. Has much has I would like to have a good argument with you, your closed mind doesn't allow for such thing to happen.
  5. ThePrettyPetard

    Question about Thief

    Basic supply and demand says otherwise. I would explain it but toupi all ready explained it fairly well
  6. ThePrettyPetard

    Question about Thief

    The thing is you just don't see the sense in it because it does make sense when you actually think about it. if thief works even if the pokemon faint then people could just use this move much more often and in term raise the number of item farmed. The rarity of a wild pokemon holding the item wouldn't be affected however the percetage of those successfully stolen would raise wich would be the part that cause problems.
  7. ThePrettyPetard

    Mewtwo/Rayquaza Status Button

    Actually that message is only region wide so if you are in another region you will never see if anyone has it. I managed to hold mewtwo for over an hour not so long ago so I doubt there is anything like that 20 minutes timer (i ran the whole way from cerulean cave to the safari zone while passing by verm) I agree that a button for that seems like potentially too much but some way of knowing that someone has it would be nice. A message every 10 minutes without a fight for example, because once you loose the people that are after you and you are in a town you can hide easily (I personally hid at the back of the safari zone with mewtwo for sometime while the last alert of my location was in verm).
  8. ThePrettyPetard

    Why Graphic of Fire and Electric Moves sucks

    The move animation only date to this year or very late last year. It used to be the cut animation for nearly everything before that.
  9. ThePrettyPetard

    Petard's Pawn shop /eeveelution shop

  10. ThePrettyPetard

    NPCs before the gym leader

    Well shit I thought this only meant like rematch lvl that scaled up not that they will challenge me on sight again...
  11. ThePrettyPetard

    NPCs before the gym leader

    Does this mean i'll have to rebattle every npc again if i don't want them to bother me while i travel around?
  12. ThePrettyPetard

    Gen 6+?

    Might make it worse by allways having unrealistic expectations.
  13. ThePrettyPetard

    Glitch? Received a dead Mewtwo

    You're aware that logging off make the mewtwo flee right?
  14. ThePrettyPetard

    Is PokeMMO a MOD, a Emulator or What?

    It's both an emulator and a mod since pokemmo is only a frame if you don't have any rom.
  15. ThePrettyPetard


    Wut??? I never heard about that

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