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  1. great to see i see shit like this for forgetting to turn off the notic on this thread... also if i gave my stuff away it wouldn't be to a rando like you all i ever wanted was to have fun in this game and for it to allways try to be better. they took my fun away... i don't see why i should stay here anymore if i can't enjoy the game i have been playing for nearly now 2 year nearly everyday for that time. if your talking about my kyu hat that one will follow me in the grave piece out for real this time (unless i forgot some other shit that will notify me tho i might just ignore them)
  2. that's why i started to be more and more civilized in my way of talking about offensive stuff but they don't have respect for that anymore, didn't even get respected enough to get my point addressed in my ban appeal or even my question anwsered. yeah i am just done with this game for a while (that is if i come back one day). @Minks @DeadGorilla it was a pleasure knowing you two and maybe some other but i am shit with name so you two will have to spread the message that another regular has died today. might not hit has hard has aimi but i feel like it is my time to go away finnally.
  3. i don't really want this to be mean or to offend you but i just feel like i have to share my opinion of you. you are most likely the most boring person i ever met in this game and if we need to be like you to be able to play this game, i am not sure i want to play anymore. my last temp ban truely killed it for me. this game has just become no fun only pokemon i feel. i was expecting to quit this game becaus i would lack the time to play it, not becaus i am just disapointed by it...
  4. something i fear is that most of the staff does is forgetting to often that people are made from individual that can vary very wildly and that not everyone touching controversial subject is ill intended wich mean that controversial subject could still be discussed with thighter moderation to keep it civilized but insted we just get all shut down/muted/banned. in those instance it's almost like the staff are taking a lazier approach to avoid having to watch the conversation or simply treat us all like children. on a side not more "personal" you never addressed one of my point in my ban apeal and even left my question totally unawsered and pretty much ignored my pm so yeah i can see why this is a thing edit: also if you don't mind i would love to know how a discussion about murdering jews in the holocost is one that could be (and was since a staff was involved) totally fine to have in public chat when thing like "rule 34" alone are worthy of a mute
  5. well if you want intel on how it works cm mod gm and sgm all fall in the category of staff and correct me if i am wrong @Desu @Kyu but gm don't really have much to do with the design and the only one actually working and getting paid on this game are the admins (beside squirtle probably) with maybe the exception of darkshade
  6. rampardos is gen 4 man and just like many gen 4 mon it's curently not availible
  7. despite what my opinion is my plan was to show the opinion of people toward staff regardless of what it would be, even though i am surprised a bit by the result it still show that there is a lot of room for improvement especially if you consider that 4 of the yes voter are current staff member boosting it and a good amount are ex staff that have most likely a bias has well
  8. ... not exactly what i was expecting has a fix but i guess it balance things out a bit for those who don't read who voted
  9. just want to point out that @Desu is the only one who isn't trying to boost the staff rating unlike @[email protected] @Munya @Jerryzoo i made an option specially for current staff member since i know yall like to vote
  10. i try to keep my bias out of it has much has possible which is why i didn't mention it at first and didn't vote either. edit: also i want more that they realize they can improve a lot rather than just shitting on them for no reason. some people just need to get a brutal wake up call sometime.
  11. actually now that i think about it, it may be for leagal reason. if pokemmo hurt the image of pokemon there could maybe be room to sue the devs. it's probably nicer to put it this way but we can't know for sure becaus it doesn't matter if it is the devs or just the staff they don't tell you shit unless you harass them for a while. they should probably consider about having someone with the only job of anwsering question about anything related to the game.
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