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  1. Fair point but if it takes them has long to answer this i will have to seriously question whether they actually care about the community. Sure they may be very busy but that's why there is staff moderation instead of it being done by the devs so why aren't they able to anwser anyone about rules give some power to them to be able to take a definitive stance on everything and maybe change the rules if they have to.
  2. Might has well add the time period when they can be found to avoid looking for a rare pokemon at a time where it doesn't spawn like torchic for example
  3. It's dating back to January so my hopes aren't very high that i or anyone will get an answer
  4. I did try to bring it to all of them but only sqirtle "read" my message and didn't bother replying
  5. I like how you don't say anything about the superiority complex. It's a nice subtle way of confirming my assumption (not blaming you for it) on topic now i forgot to mention i had talk with bear about staff actions being inconsistent and offering help with potentially making more elaborate guidelines for staff moderation. The answer i got to my proposal could be summed up to fuck off we don't need it followed after by him suggesting that i bring this to admin instead wich ended in the same way. So their will to change anything isn't really there sadly. quick disclaimer that bear isn't rude enough to just tell me to fuck off right away this was just a shorten version of what the reply meant or at least how it felt.
  6. You forgot to mention the main point of team now: avoiding staff tyranny moderation with a worse version of chat that you have to keep on grinding to have fresh and active meat in there. It's a mmo so you have to grind for everything...
  7. That wouldn't surprise me much honestly, anything not directly related to pokemon seems to slowly become ban/mute worthy.
  8. Not saying none of my mute where deserved but some sure where for bulshit reasons like the one i have for saying rule 34 in chat and got hit with inappropriate chat and some sgm defending the fuck out of the desision despite being something e rated show would let slide because it's not directly mentioning anything inappropriate. i would love to see a mayor make staff take responsibility and credit for what they do. Making them take a public stance on stuff more often would be nice instead of us just having to figure out what we can and can't say with mutes that are inconsistent.
  9. Are people defending staff are forced to have the arrogant superiority complex now? since your argument suggests that you aren't used to argumenting i'll give you a basic tip. if you want to make someone shut up try providing facts and accurate numbers of what you are talking about has well has understanding their position and why they have it. Just a side note that being arrogant will only lower your credibility. on the subject now i feel like staff either needs to learn their own rules or change them to represent what they are doing.
  10. Hey at least let me hope i could come back to the game one day without the fear of being banned for bulshit reasons because staff refuses to let us talk about anything mildly interesting
  11. You should probably just use your ign on the forum instead of a random name. When is the new mayor coming i want one who will stop staff tyranny so i can come back and talk in public chat with no fear of mute/ban for bulshit reasons
  12. Just saying but scamming is ban worthy so you shouldn't have much issue with trade evolution. Just ask in the public chat for help and you should find someone very quickly and in the event that he/she try to fuck you over by stealing it you can report it and the staff should be able to get it back for you.
  13. I also talked with desu about it a while ago and to make it short he/she/it isn't opposed to the idea totally, the ones who are keeping him from reworking it are staff fearing moderation nightmare. Basically staff has to tell him they accept to do their job and the he/she/it can implement it. Unrelated note: no this isn't a sign that i'll be coming back to the game i just lurk on the forum when i have time to kill and nothing else to do.
  14. great to see i see shit like this for forgetting to turn off the notic on this thread... also if i gave my stuff away it wouldn't be to a rando like you all i ever wanted was to have fun in this game and for it to allways try to be better. they took my fun away... i don't see why i should stay here anymore if i can't enjoy the game i have been playing for nearly now 2 year nearly everyday for that time. if your talking about my kyu hat that one will follow me in the grave piece out for real this time (unless i forgot some other shit that will notify me tho i might just ignore them)
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