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  1. TMs were single use in the core games too, so much so that i didnt even realise this was the case in mmo
  2. JayJJoker

    Super update

  3. JayJJoker

    Is this a bug?

    wonder what they say, but im too lazy to translate it myself
  4. JayJJoker

    [GUI] Dark Blue

  5. JayJJoker

    Can we trade a pokemon safely to evolve it ?

    You have to trade it, mailing it won't work. I'll be down to help if gilan can't/is busy.
  6. JayJJoker

    The Case for Level Caps

  7. JayJJoker

    Mayor Appreciation Thread

    Happy birthday @Bestfriends! Dont change! Your videos helped me a lot when starting out!
  8. JayJJoker

    Your favorite pokemon?

    Jesus why all the hate XD
  9. JayJJoker

    What exactly is PokeMMO?

    its unova hoenn and kanto that is always online
  10. JayJJoker

    A Player you will never forget.

    imSubside and Antivendor. They come online from time to time but they were the first people who made me feel like i belonged in a team. And they where good to argue with. Also kole because he was the second person to make me feel like i belonged in a team. man this thread gave me feels ;(
  11. rip iphone scrubs and more verm AFKers im super hyped tho
  12. JayJJoker

    No Bidoofs?

  13. JayJJoker

    More Difficult Gyms

    if ur having trouble just lvl ur mons to the lvl cap
  14. JayJJoker

    Garchomp's catchable

    they will add all the pokemon soon hopefully, as they did with kanto and hoenn
  15. JayJJoker

    How Many?

    There's about 10 or so people that still play :)

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