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  1. This is exactly what makes them blank spaces on the pokedex. I mean, my pokedex is most entirely green, with the exception of the Sinnoh mons that will eventually be added, but the legendaries most probably will never be added so my pokedex will never be completed. Why random NPCs can have the legendaries but players don't? If the devs REALLY don't want the legendaries in the game, they could at least remove them from the pokedex, so we can truly complete the dex with all mons in green. What's the point of it's on pokedex if it is impossible to get? This just makes the dex impossible to be completed... I know I sound like a perfeccionist, but I'm not the only one who wants to complete the dex. Just doesn't makes sense these legedaries go to the pokedex when saw and be blank spaces with "???" in all about its information.
  2. It's okay to not add legendary pokémon in the game like ordinary pokémon, but why we can't have the legendaries in the same way we have Mewtwo? For example, Moltres appearing at Mt. Ember at low chances and when captured, it would trigger an event like the event Mewtwo does. I don't care about having a legendary pokémon at my party, but it's really annoying the blank spaces in the pokedex and the sensation it's incomplete. If there were only a way to register them in the pokedex, it would be enough for me...
  3. So, it was discountinued?
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