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  1. This guy is Fire! Got my first comps from him and will get many more! Friendly Dude and really fast service! Will definetly use again :) Recommended!!
  2. It used to be way easier before. Get that Starmie with max coverage and sweep through. There were so many altrunners back in the day, even going upto 50-75Mill just altrunning Now its a bigger challenge
  3. IRL Friend Caught a Shiny Skarmory in 2013 - showed it to me in school and we went shiny hunting together. Unfortunately never found a shiny and he quit months later!
  4. Thanks! I guess most players and more competition :) Should be fun!
  5. Hey guys im back after a while (i played UU 3 years ago) , so i wanted to ask you guys how active which tier is. OU still most popular? Most tourneys? UU - still some tourneys or mostly OU ? With all the Changes what do you think is the easiest Tier to "start" in? I played Comp in SS reached Masterball Rank - but here in MMO its different with the Mechanics upto 5 , so just wanted a quick overview! Thanks a lot and see you soon in tourneys :P
  6. Hi Teddi! Thank you very much !
  7. Thank you! Wishing you a nice day :)
  8. Im back after around 3 Years away :) Was a decent Shiny Trader before - 200 Million Value and Quit the Game because of personal Reasons. Now those are resolved and im happy to be back! I remember the old Viridian Gang and watching Frag & Double J Tear it up in Comp :) Have a nice day and see you in game!
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