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  1. I dont know if the maker of this mod is still active but would be nice if rotom forms would get an icon as well
  2. Updated with latest payouts! New trainers will be added in the next update!
  3. Will be checked out and changed with the next update! Thank you for the comment ^^
  4. I found a bug on pc where it doesnt show the typing of a move. This only appeared if I have the switch icons mod active
  5. Hello birds! For this event we have something real special for you guys : trivia! We will now see who the smart birds of our team are! There will be 40 questions in total so prepare yourself to use your brain! Date and time 12th February , 6PM UTC Location Phoenix Discord at the right chat. Members and friends allowed. Rewards For each correct answer you will get 20.000 pokeyen Hosts DemonBone Strawberrymint
  6. Date & Time Saturday 16th January, 6PM UTC Location Pokemon Showdown + Discord Server of Phoenix How to enter The event is only for players who are in ENIX Discord server. The tier of this tournament will be voted for in the discord and will be announced in it. We are following the Showdown rules.No additional bans. Players need to share the replays of the matches they played in #showdown-replays in the ENIX discord. Registrations will be opened 2 hours before the event. The registrations need to be sent in dis
  7. Really nice guide , it is more clear then the other one. Keep up the good work!
  8. Yes. Instead every 6 hours to water its best to water every 8 hours. Example : Cheri plant + water > 8 hours later water > ready for harvest
  9. Best is to water each 8 hours. For example for 16 hours berries you only need to water only once since it will still be at 2 drops after 8 hours so the yield wont be different when they are done.
  10. Beautiful! Best signature shop and perfectly affordable! Highly recommend it
  11. Details Single Battle | OU | Single - Elimation | Server Wide| Tournament Mode This is only for Phoenix members and Friends , each player will use OU. Date & Time Wednesday, 24th December 2PM UTC | Accumula Town Unova Ch3 Registration Registrations will open 30 minutes at prior to the tournament , contact one of the hosts in game. Clauses Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO.
  12. Team Name: Phoenix Team Tag: [ENIX] Registered Players: SerpentLord - ElijaTroy - MiraiZura - Kuramush - Xatu - Commissar - Xilencer - Whitelotus - kormafanboy - Susume - DemonBone - AssasinV - Inou - Kupokun - RedXJunvil - Drakkmord Team Captain: Kupokun
  13. Thanks for everyone participating to the event! Congrats to the winners! See you guys in the next one ^^ 1st place : alenoobxD 160 06:39:49 2nd place : TheGoonFairy 160 06:47:30 3rd place: SebbyKunn 44
  14. It's a nice idea imo. It's something I would deffo buy to water the berries faster.
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