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  1. Well , i find most amulet coins at route 6. But it's based of luck , sometimes i find some fast and sometimes it can take 1h+
  2. My ingame name is: DemonBone My favourite pokemon is: Dragonite On Pokemmo I am currently busy doing: money farming . I'm buying all good competitive pokemon to get them all! My playtime ingame is: 458 I would like to join Team Läva because: I'm looking for an active and social English team to join and I think Team läva will be a good choice. This is why Team Läva has to invite me as member: I can help some players with their pvp mons cuz i have some knowledge about pvp . I'm also pretty active and social . All thoug I'm mostly busy money farming I also do some stuff together with other players like battling together in the battle tower , hunting together , ... I also like to get a little help if i dont know which set i should choose for a few pokemon. And at last i also want to have fun with other cool players!
  3. And here can u see how many meowth u find at kindle road
  4. On Kindle Road i find more Rapidash and Ponyta hordes then Meowth hordes
  5. Yeah i'm not planning to share my acccounts xd ! Thx for the response! EDIT : why are u not allowed to run 2 accounts on one device?
  6. Are you allowed to have 2 accounts? I was thinking to make one for trade evolutions or store pokemon there.
  7. But then i have the chance to turn it out wrong ability
  8. Aw that's sad to hear :'( But what can i do now cuz i spent 666k for chansey
  9. Hi guys, today while I was ev training my chansey , i went afk cuz i had to do something in real life, and i didnt notice chansey was evolving into blissey and i didnt want a blissey. And now is my question : is there a way to get it back to it's previous evolution , chansey? if so how?
  10. Alright i found it . Thx for this very cool theme ! (Shiny Charizard is my Favorite shiny)
  11. How to u import this theme? Everytime i try it I get "Error importing mod. Please make sure it is a valid PokeMMO Mod and that it is compatible with the current client." Can u please fix this.
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