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  1. Congrats to Cobragee for winning the Tournament and Quarked for finishing on 2nd place! And thanks to everyone who participated ^^
  2. Alright you are registered. Please keep a close eye on discord when it nearly begins and gl have fun!
  3. Oops , that must have slipped when I added the new trainers , thanks for mentioning it ^^ And nice , I will definitely check it out myself!
  4. Because there werent enough players we decided to do without teams. Thanks for everyone who joined!
  5. Because of unexpected reasons TheSnekLord cant make it to the event so I will be his replacement ^^
  6. Showdown Brawl! Date Wednesday 8th July Time 4PM UTC | 9AM PDT Location Pokémon Showdown How to enter: This event is for players who are on the ENIX discord server! All battles will be held on Pokémon Showdown on gen 7 OU with a Single elimination but we are following the PokeMMO rules and clauses. Battling with anything from the banlist will result in a direct disqualification. Players need to post a replay of each battle into #showdown-replays in our discord. If they forget to share the replay , the battle DONT count and need to rebattle. Registrations need to be send here or at discord to DemonBone #7064 . Also , please tell your username on Pokémon Showdown. The registrations will be closed at the time it begins. BANLIST REWARDS 1st Prize 400k 2nd Prize 3 rare candies ENIX Hosts : DemonBone
  7. Added a few more trainers to the guide ^^
  8. Leader KupoKun Executive DemonBone Chat Mods in Discord/Club BirdLord DemonicDax SerpentLord Commander VariasaWrath Officer DemonicDax OpticSniperBite Esoxlkes Kibbz SerpentLord BirdLord
  9. Would recommend it highly. High quality , decent price and fast service!
  10. Gliscor cannot have Toxic Heal ability , as Hidden abilities are not in the game.
  11. Thanks for everyone who participated and congrats to @HALOTT for winning 1st prize and @xXxKIDxXx for winning the 2nd prize!
  12. I can confirm Steven in Hoenn is a 1 time battle so I wont be adding it in here because I am only adding repeatable trainers. I will check out these trainers and add them asap , thanks for the tip! :) Edit : can you tell me in which routes / location the beauty west of lilycove is @MightyBoxer?
  13. Hey all! First I want to apologize that this event got postponed unexpectedable , but some issues ran into me. But dont be afraid a new date has been picked for this event and still is going to happen! This will start at 8th of June. The time is still the same. See you there at the event and again , sorry for the delay <3
  14. Buy 5 randoms , but numbers spread out (not like for example 1-5) , sending the money
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