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  1. Can you still find berries in berry forest by using pickup? If so which pokemon or where in berry forest cuz i'm here for a while and havent found one
  2. My partner would be Scrafty , even use it in OU cuz I like it so much *_* Bulky + bad ass looking xd
  3. Yeah boi the greatest team is back again <3
  4. It will probably take months till it happens. Right now only a few use people use it and it isnt used it OU at all.
  5. DemonBone

    im new

    Hi there @jorrick98! Enjoy your stay at the game! En groeten van de buren uit België :p
  6. Tried it today for the first time and I will use her service over and over again! She works fast and her breeding was just perfect! I highly recommend this service to anyone!
  7. It's very unlikely that the game will become uber. And even if they add hidden abilities , they will sure not allow abilities like Blaziken Speed boost.
  8. My first and one of my favorite shinies on mmo just caught!
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