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  1. Forgot to post :"<< Meet my new lover and add him shiny sho wcase tooooo!!! >~<
  2. OMG :vv GG :"> tks a great lote :v it's my 1st >~< lololololo
  3. NhokPies, i'll take 11 plz, nice lottery Keyys <3
  4. that's f*ckin gg catch :v i gotta join it :v cyall in this weekend anyway a huge clap and congratz once again to BIG BOIZ Dibz :v
  5. It looks nice, ima watching ss1 first then roll in the deep ss2 :vv special tks for an outstanding advice :vv now i know wut to watch in this summer <3
  6. 43-NhokPies and happy Halloween to all even it's still early :vv
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