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  1. I've all badges in both regions (kanto/hoenn) and i also cant travel to hoenn. after selecting the region, that little text appears and sends me back.
  2. ^^^^^ after selecting a region, appears that thingy over there and idk what to do to travel help
  3. ^^ This, we're about to get alots of moves and this would be great for people (like me) that instead of breeding 4 pokes (ex.) with different sets, prefer to only change the moveset and ev's. My bad i cant really explain myself my english is pretty limited.
  4. I believe they won't change that, they will still be able to relearn. also let me just suggest, we should be able to get more than only 4 relearnable egg moves when unova comes out.
  5. pretty sure sandshrew still goes for more even with bad iv's. imo sandshrew 2.5m
  6. Gulpin and Delibird price and opinions?
  7. I can't send you a pm here, and you're not online so i will just leave this here.

    I can't really make that 3m bet with yangsam and i already send ya the money.

    If you could send it back would be amazing, I owe some persons and i really need to pay them.

    also i would like you to let yangsam know about this.

    Once again sorry for my english

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. DoubleJ


      Aight I talked to yang and he's not willing to break the bet. Sorry bro, I'll send the winner their cash. 

    3. yangsam


      Sorry, bet is still on.

    4. SluaghMMO


      rip... all good.

  8. yo bros any website to watch this?
  9. I remember you perfectly aswell, I used to spectate the gym battles most likely. I really really miss those times =(
  10. No worries, i remember u all. it was back in the days where "gym teams" was a thing tor,jovi,life,havs,taj,sweet, ikke and a couple more edit: sorry forf and others wont be posting more here, sorry for the drama.
  11. Yeah im sorry about this i will stop posting after this: It's hard, even when you trust someone in a virtual game, and that someone scams you even if you both had an 2-3 year friendship in-game. @BlackJovi was definitly one of the guys i've ever enjoyed meeting in this game. he probably know who i am just by saying "the guy who changes his account everytime" . Jovi was one of my first mates in-game when i was on rise, pretty sure he was starting comp aswell. and now? i considerate him one of the best comp players ingame, with an insane knowledge about this game. and sweetforu aswell. and, im pretty sure jovi knows i am not lying. and if you remember jovi back in the days i was pretty friendly with this "goku" guy. wont' post on this thread anymore. that guy is a forever alone scammer who prefers cash over people.
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