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  1. I greattly disapprove, cuz i'll be alone the rest of my life :c
  2. Nah, you didn't screw up anything, you just have to water the berries and you're fine
  3. I wish you all a very good New Year 2018! Thank you @Kyu @Squirtle @Shu @Darkshade @Zehkar and the rest of the staff of PokeMMO for making this a great and Enjoyable game for all! (You can post here your best experience of the year 2017)
  4. Intenta con el modo compatibilidad Try with the compatible mode
  5. They... laugh alone? Berries can talk :O? xd
  6. Oh! My Hydreigon is almost complete! Just have to wait a little bit more
  7. Something like: Face, and you put there the Ninja Mask, the Cursed Mask and other things like the Eyes vanity items. You know, something more, accurated for what is that item. (Sorry for my bad english) Algo como poner: Cara, y ahí poner la Máscara de Ninja, la Máscara maldita y otras cosas como los objetos de los Ojos. Saben, como algo más, específico para saber cual es ese objeto. (Perdonadme por mi mal inglés :p)
  8. Holy Crap, there's a lot of people there!
  9. Yeah, i know, i just wanna have it for 3 days... 3 long days... And then... Be happy with my Haxorus in the new region :v
  10. Well, in the PTS we can make Garchomp appear just entering a comand, I'm hyped for that
  11. Nvm, the problem solved itself, nice mod
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