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  1. Final Match: Mexico vs Belgium
  2. Well, bad luck my friend, bad luck.
  3. It's kinda annoying for me having to upload an image to Imgur or Facebook or other media to be able to post an image here in the forums, cuz it takes a lot of time and it's not the best way to do things. So my suggestion is about implementing a way to post images in the forums directly from your files, like others social medias (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  4. Of course, there is no problem using it in Competitive Battles
  5. @SecretDjinn is appreciated in the Thread but he's not in the poll :Thinking:
  6. I finally understood what was the meaning of this suggestion.
  7. Entry Hazards (Spikes, etc.) are now processed before Abilities in battles So, RIP Reuniclus, Alakazam and others?
  8. Battle Points = Bitcoins Now, seriously, i'll say that 500 BP for a brace it's ok, 350 it's too izi and it will devaluate the brace
  9. Never, idk if was given as a prize of a tour but in game it's nearly impossible to have one
  10. So, what will happen with Regirock and Registeel?
  11. The Trade Corner is the right place for discussing the value of the things?
  12. Emm, nope, it will be impossible to play for some people who doesn't has the right computer to play X and Y (like me) And we can't just jump from 2D to 3D so suddenly, so yeah, Impossible
  13. Rayquaza, Hydreigon, Haxorus and Garchomp
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