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  1. There are no fairy type Pokémon in Sinnoh what are u talking about?
  2. He says that: He wants to add an option to Block people in Android because in Pc is possible but not in phones.
  3. Best update ever? Not really, they didn't added gArChOmP
  4. Amigo, creo que te equivocaste de post I think you are lost my friend xd
  5. With 4 Ocarinas you can create a band if you want XD
  6. I like the idea of Perma-keeping legendaries like Rayquaza and Groudon but I assume that devs, in order to make the game "challenging" enough even with legendaries, would make Gyms and E4 PRETTY IMPOSSIBLE. I imagine having to fight against gym leaders with a Keldeo while they have a Xerneas. F
  7. I do Gym rematches, 300k per day are worth it but, after a week, gets boring :(
  8. Man i don't known if I should even be posting here cuz all the antimayoral things I've said but i have some questions to you, Mr @Eggplant Forgive me if I'm some kind of ignorant (IDK a lot about forums) but here we go. It isn't this whole lottery thing supposed to be in the Trade Corner? https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/announcement/16-rules-for-trade-corner-read-before-posting/ And Now this is interesting, BF won by a difference of 100% of the votes so I'm on the list of who voted for him? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. If only my boy @ProfesorEinsteinnn didn't quitted, he had indeed more votes but well, who cares anymore.
  10. That's it I'm done I give up I really can't do this shit no more.
  11. Ah ok https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/95748-pokemmo-mayoral-re-elections-2019/&tab=comments#comment-1604336 since may 28, people had the opportunity to boycott this re-elections and nothing was made, nothing, zero. Now that we are celebrating elections right now some other guys are boycott(ing) BF while they can and nothing is going to stop that. And again, If he really cares about this title, why he didn't tried to boycott the re-elections thread? He could also try to retain the title like Maduro but it's a hard life. I prefer seeing BF as a MOD or something like that, he has the qualities to become one, and PE would be a good Mayor, I mean.
  12. Well I thinking is time to compare the 2 big candidates for the title of Mayor. First we have @Bestfriends. He was elected 1 year ago, to be the new Mayor of PokeMMO, and thereafter he was given with the greatest recognition for someone who is not Staff, a personal title in Forums: "Mayor of PokeMMO", in his period he made a lots of guides, like the Unova one, helped new players by giving them lvl 20 Pokémon and clothes, and he made a youtube channel known as Mayor Bestfriends, which contains several help topics. He is a person who does take very seriously the Mayor title he has, and that's why a lots of people support him in the first place. And second we have @ProfesorEinsteinnn. He is the candidate to be Mayor of PokeMMO, better known as ProfesorEinstein. You should reconize him for making a lot of Unofficial Tournaments (in the Unofficial Tour. SubForums of course). He has a partner, @Haazuu who is Profesor's right hand and principal supporter/leader of his campaing, and they make a very good team, both in forums and in-game. One of the promises as a mayor is to improve the Comp. Scene by making more tour. OU, UU, NU, etc. And now, the cons of each candidate Like I said, Bestfriends has been in charge for already a year, helping the community and that kind of stuff, but now he want to host tournaments, although is been 1 year, before that and in that time he never ever hosted a Tournament, so he is only caring now when Einstein has been doing this since a very good amount of time. He maybe lacks of experience for this sorts of things but he has the the always trusty "Staff help". In the preliminars thread, he commented that he helped a girl by giving her 2 pokemon lvl 20 and a tuxedo and other objects, that's a good thing but not everybody knows what to do when it comes to Vanities that people doesn't necessarily want, like the guy in the picture, it has already been discussed in this thread about giving free money to new players and is not good solution in the long term. Now let's talk about his YT channel, Mayor Bestfriends: It has 272 subscribers (idk if is a great amount of people, doesn't look like that to me) his last video was 2 months ago (same for the Roy Rogers one) and the bad thing I see with it is that if he loses the elections, his channel would stay paralyzed forever (unless the give it to Profesor, but that's not gonna happen) and it will be a total waste. And now, ProfesorEinstein: In the 2 years that I've been playing PokeMMO, I never heard about this men in my lifetm , literally I didn't know who this guy was suddently he came and wanted to be the new mayor, just like that. Of course he is in one of the most important teams In game, Aw, but he didn't had a Forums account until May, so... He doesn't has a YT channel, he doesn't comment a lot in forums and stuff like that. And 'bout this, well, it's too drastic when compared to Bestfriends, is true, they came to this game in the year 2013, but Bestfriends is certainly more active in forums than ProfesorEinstein (and doesn't need someone to post for him [except in some guides], Bestfriends was focused in the new incomers since 2018, and the other way Einstein focuses in the old veterans who play UU, NU and that kind of stuff. TL;DR: The objective of this post was to show that every candidate have unique things to offer in general and if it's only a meme right now, the Mayor title IS the most important for the community of PokeMMO because, PokeMMO is not a place, PokeMMO is their people. Have a good day and good luck to @Bestfriends and @ProfesorEinsteinnn!
  13. In the end, it doesn't matter The mayor theme came as a meme: K They made an Election and BestFriends got elected: K Best friends take the mayor thing very seriously, gives away money, make a lot of guides, even opened a Youtube channel for Mayor: K Some people came and say there should be elections for a new mayor and Best friends postulate for the Re-election: Mmm K Another candidate appears out of nowhere and lots of people like him: ...k Calidustep opens a discussion for convincing people about who will they vote: Everyone loses their mind.
  14. If you change your name, the OT doesn't change, that's all.
  15. I mean, of course giving money to new players helps them in the short term, but after history that money is gone, preparing for the comp scene requires ALOT of money and claiming ch1 "Who can give me 100k" is not gonna work. Sure, the Money Guide is very helpful but not every PokeMMO player is gonna read it/hear it.They have to discover things by their own. Staying On-Topic, I give my vote to @ProfesorEinsteinnn, only because he speaks Spanish and English, a Bilingual Mayor is better than a Monolingual Mayor :P.
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