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  1. Why don't they just implement a Chinese server?
  2. Porygon Z is a powerful machine with Nasty Plot and Tri Attack, but is not so OP Everything that Rys said is correct, in the current meta, Porygon Z can be easily stopped and with Taunt it can't set up so, it will not be banned.
  3. TYPE: HAT Name: Crown Image:
  4. I think this is the most practical solution.
  5. Name: xUltrajesusx Team Tag: DgTs Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Haxorus Shiny and Hydreigon Shiny Render (Optional): Type of Artwork: Signature Animated?: Nope Donation: 300k Additional information: The Venezuela Flag has to be in-between the Hax and the Hydre
  6. Gratz but, is so hard to go and catch him?
  7. What's the actual value of the Gingerbread Man? I have one that i want to sell
  8. Ortografía 10/10 They will fix later your issue, relax
  9. Congratz for France, respects for Croatia, they played a great Final. See ya in Qatar ;)
  10. Damn, France is gonna win the cup
  11. Pretty close, Now Belgium vs Croatia
  12. At least I tried, this is a very crazy tour.
  13. Now let's focus on the memes: Germany lost in Russia :v
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