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  1. Alolan Forms implies Fairy type to be added in game so that's not gonna happen. Instead you could use a mod that replace the sprite of some Pokémon with their Alolan form https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/33-client-customization/.
  2. Not all buttons necessarily, but the ones in the images concerns me more.
  3. Hello, I have a terrible concern right now (Idk if this post has been already made). I, like other people, have an Android Cellphone (Alcatel idealXtra 5590 in my case) and don't have a tablet. When I try to play PokeMMO, everything is so small (to me at least) and my fingers are so damn T H I C C and I make missclicks, buy wrong this, cause of this (There are some images with my mains problems up). So, my suggestion is that you need to make some buttons bigger that there are rn for the Android users, and we will be Happier© Tldr; Make the buttons bigger in Android so we don't have to worry about it. Thank you.
  4. People today have no life, planting, watering and farming berries day and night.
  5. Damn, you left us hanging like 2 months, I need to know how this story finish!
  6. Maybe a new type that doesn't remove the players eyes like: Type: Mouth. It's perfect for the Ninja Mask and the Vampire Teeth
  7. I think he doesn't want to enjoy the experience if he wants the game beaten by buying it.
  8. Well, @Bestfriends didn't said anything at the moment about naming a Spanish representative, so in 5 days I'll probably make Elections.
  9. Good morning/afternoon/evening people of PokeMMO. As you know, the Spanish community is the 2nd most largest community of PokeMMO (the Chinese community is the 3rd :P), and as far as I know, there is no Spanish Forums at all. The Spanish Community has always been in the need of learning English to use the Forums and be able to express our opinion about certain topics or report our troubles but to this day there are A LOT of people who only speak Spanish (or they have a very, very bad English) and don't have anybody who represent them here in the Forums. In 2018, Elections were made to elect the Mayor of PokeMMO, the winner was @Bestfriends. He is the "People's Voice", and in more than one opportunity he has spoken for the English community in the Forums (Although it doesn't do an extraordinary job either :P [My opinion]). That's why my proposal is that Mr. @Bestfriends name someone who attend the problems of the Spanish Community and give a voice who cannot talk by themself. BUT, if he doesn't do it in 7 days, I'll be willing to summon some Popular Elections to elect the Official Hispanic Mayor of PokeMMO. That is all, enjoy your Weekend! Spanish Translation/ Traducción en Español bbbbbb
  10. Who would win? A rock type move that have 80% of accuracy and 100 base power or, 1 salty boi?
  11. When you press "F" to pay respect, but the mods press "Delete". Upvote
  12. Men, that's nothing compared to this!
  13. Ah ok, thank you for the fast reply, so let me know when you are up to a challenge, ok?
  14. R U still accepting challenges?
  15. It's probably a bug but hey, at least you finally registered Mewtwo in the dex
  16. Excellent Job @Bestfriends, trying to calm down like 100 people, really nice.
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