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  1. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/11-bug-report/
  2. When you have Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Keldeo or Arceus in your team, you're forced to accept challenges, so that's a reason.
  3. There is one thing i don't understand at all, yesterday i decided to watch the bans of the Tiers in PokéMMO and i observed that the catchable legendaries of the game are banned from Ubers, what does this mean? Are they gonna start to introduce the Uber legendary Pokémon in-game? (Like Zapdos or Celebi?) And if not, why they are banned? We can't use them in any matter except from the KoH event, so what's the reasoning behind this?
  4. Literally the server is back to business just a second ago SMH
  5. Post down here your prayers for those who were using amulets, donor status and charms when the server crashed. Also, what was the last time the server has been shutdown by "unknown reasons"?
  6. It's simple, replace the NPCs Sprites of HGSS with the Platinum ones so we don't need to use the HeartGold and SoulSilver Roms.
  7. Welp, I have to admit I don't enter so often to PokeMMO like I did in 2017-2018 but I am still curious tho. In my defense there's no official data about the numbers of players in the game so I wanna know.
  8. Story Time! I was traveling through the Forum watching some interesting Suggestions when something caught my attention. It was a topic but below that said: Moved to the Chinese Forums. I was in disbelief, "A chinese forum? It really exist?". But then I had another question to myself: "It is the Chinese community that big?" I didn't find an anwser to my question that day but now, I am asking you, people of the Forums, what do you think is the biggest community in PokéMMO? The Chinese? The Hispanic? Or maybe the Portuguese one? Let me know in the comments below!
  9. For this year we are fighting the Coronavirus Pokemon. Cool
  10. I have a question, what are the rules for those 3 tiers? Especially metronome, i've never been in a official tour of Metro. @ProfesorEinsteinnn
  11. Hey, gratz on the Ralts and gratz on making the raffle. I'm picking the Explout Gl to all!
  12. Translation: I need help to fix the problem of the invisible houses of Sinnoh, how do i fix it?
  13. Looks like they were made in Powerpoint
  14. There is one very tiny but appreciated detail that makes me happy.
  15. Tfw Sinnoh is released in PokéMMO before the official remake.
  16. Welp, this is another question i had in mind for a while, I know there was some people speedruning the E4 of Kanto, Johto and Unova but i haven't seen anybody speedruning the whole game, Kanto Hoenn and Unova all together. So my question is: Has anyone tried to speedrun PokéMMO? If that's the case, what's the fastest time? Who got it first? There's a video proof? If that's NOT the case, It is viable to do it? There are any obstacles to do an Any%? Thank you for your attention, I'm waiting your anwsers.
  17. Ultrajesus

    Quick Wishlist

    More a question than a suggestion but why i can't name my Chandelure "Gleipnir"? I don't see anything wrong on that name so, Mr @Kyu can you change that?
  18. ITEM SLOT: Animated Particle Effect ITEM NAME: Squared Shiny Particle Effect Image of what it looks like: Note: Only Shiny Pokémon will have this particle effect.
  19. I have a a friend that was permabanned cuz "RMT", he then went and appealed the ban because he didn't understood why he was banned. The next week a SGM responded, showing him a screenshot of his mailbox receiving a mail with 6m $ from a person with a large historial of Rmt. Then he replied saying that he obtained the 6m pokeyen of that person because said person organized a tournament with that 1st place prize and uploaded it to Youtube, and of course he won the tour and received the money. The Smg watched the proofs of his innocence unbanning him immediately and now he's happily playing the game. TL;DR: Don't quit appeals, staff is not perfect. Change da world, my final message. Good bye.
  20. Oof, I definitely need to polish my english before making this kind of topics, too much Google translator. Anyway I'm grateful by the great number of replies to this thread, I've read them all and made a conclusion: Another question. This time I wanna know what do you think the game is missing to be interesting, so leave a comment!
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