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  1. Ultrajesus

    Tab showing which tier the Tournament is about

    I think this is the most practical solution.
  2. Ultrajesus

    [Art] [Sig] Mayu's Signature/Art Shop

    Name: xUltrajesusx Team Tag: DgTs Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Haxorus Shiny and Hydreigon Shiny Render (Optional): Type of Artwork: Signature Animated?: Nope Donation: 300k Additional information: The Venezuela Flag has to be in-between the Hax and the Hydre
  3. Ultrajesus

    Hydreigon & Draco Meteor

    Now that Draco Meteor is implemented, what is the plan for Hydre? Unban?
  4. Ultrajesus

    Finally Mewtwo

    Gratz but, is so hard to go and catch him?
  5. Ultrajesus

    Value Advice

    What's the actual value of the Gingerbread Man? I have one that i want to sell
  6. Ultrajesus

    ovediensia hoenn 60 a 58

    OrtografĂ­a 10/10 They will fix later your issue, relax
  7. Ultrajesus

    Server Down!

    The Server is back!
  8. Ultrajesus

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    100% real no fake
  9. Ultrajesus

    Football discussion thread

    Congratz for France, respects for Croatia, they played a great Final. See ya in Qatar ;)
  10. Ultrajesus

    Football discussion thread

    See? Told' ya :P
  11. Ultrajesus

    Football discussion thread

    Damn, France is gonna win the cup
  12. Ultrajesus

    Football discussion thread

    Nothing then
  13. Ultrajesus

    Football discussion thread

    200k and we make a deal
  14. Ultrajesus

    Football discussion thread

    Pretty close, Now Belgium vs Croatia
  15. Ultrajesus

    Moderate the Spanish chat.

    And SecretDjinn

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