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  1. >The Prize Pokemon it's genderless so it means that it doesn't have any egg moves >To reclaim it you need to select 2 Eggs moves, otherwise it can't be reclaimed. mfw;
  2. Top 10 Ocarinas (based in my opinion): N°10: Dive Ocarina: It's not that important, you only need to use dive a few times when passing thru Hoenn and that's it. N° 9: Defog Ocarina: Only useful in Sinnoh. N° 8: Flash Ocarina: It's more important than the Defog Ocarina. That's about it XD. (Only useful in caves). N° 7: Rock Climb Ocarina: You need Rock Climb to be able to progress in Sinnoh and to go to some new areas. And that's about it too. (Only useful in Sinnoh) N° 6: Strength Ocarina: Nothing to say here, you can move boulders to access items or new areas. N° 5: Rock Smash Ocarina: With this Ocarina you can smash rocks (wao) to get items and clear the path. One funny thing is that (iirc) you can smash rocks in certain parts of Sinnoh to get fossils, and i heard they sell pretty well! N° 4: Waterfall Ocarina: It's a very useful Ocarina, because you can progress through various regions with it (like Hoenn and Sinnoh) and access many, many places only accessible with Waterfall. N° 3 Cut Ocarina: It is a really important one in terms of farming, because you need Cut to access at least 2 gyms and you'll prefer having the Ocarina than having one mon with cut in your team. N° 2: Surf Ocarina: It's an ESSENTIAL ocarina, you already know why. N° 1: Fly Ocarina: Quintessential object, even more important than the surf one (although the two are irreplaceable) and for obvious reasons. Thank you for reading.
  3. Team Name: DangoTerasu Team Tag: DgTs Registered Players: xUltraJesusx, Vartiou, llOphis, Susker, MARIOFU, XxVasquezxX, Rigoox, Sharpedos, Dewgong, chriskhalifa, Lucaroy, GuadaX Team Captain: GuadaX
  4. Team Name: Mega Rayquaza Dynamax Team members: Vartiou, Vgoten, Susker, xUltrajesusx
  5. Just git gud and play the Ubers/Doubles tier. IZI
  6. TEAM NAME: The Resistance TEAM MEMBERS: xUltrajesusx, Personajexx, Reguret
  7. I also suggest adding a new motorcycle helmet, but with a green visor, like the Samus one. And her suit. TYPE OF VANITY: HEAD NAME: Space Helmet/ Red Motorcycle Helmet TYPE OF VANITY: TOP NAME: CLIMATIC SUIT/ VARIA SUIT/SPATIAL SUIT
  8. I suggest adding new colors to the colors pallet present in the game. For example, the "White" color option isn't truly White, it's more like a light grey, it's not vanilla White. Or the Yellow one, it looks like Mustard, it isn't Pure Yellow. Please.
  9. My disappoinment is unmeasurable and my day is ruined. :(
  10. At least Venezuela B it's still in. I wish you the best luck of all. o7
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