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  1. Bruh I know that. I'm was saying yesterday that the April's Fools Day and the Day of the Holy Innocents are 2 different festivities. The one in April it's all about jokes, a great portion of the world celebrates it and, the most important thing, it's in April. The Day of the Holy Innocents has a difference, another meaning for us to celebrate that day (search in wikipedia). And it is only celebrated in Latin America and Spain so...
  2. I'm on the other side of the spectrum: I played the event 2 hours, got only 2 Xmas presents and the first one gave me a Toy Plane.
  3. Team Name: GhostOfAnarchy Team Tag: GØAT Registered Players: llOphis, xUltrajesusx, Susker, LatiosRol, qmanzanop, Nivus, Rigoox, Vartiou, Magmar, PizzaConewe, equipopuchamon, GuadaX. Team Captain: GuadaX
  4. The pfp of Kyu maybe the hint for the Christmas event: I remember that he had an orange cat pfp before the Halloween event and then, when some people won against the Pumpking hard mode, they were rewarded with a orange cat particle, the same cat as the one in his profile picture. So that's that.
  5. Bruh, just below this suggestion there is an equal one.
  6. Team Name: DangoTerasu. Team Tag: DgTs. Registered Players: Vartiou, xUltrajesusx, llOphis, Magmar, Susker, Lucaroy, Rigoox, Equipopuchamon, MARIOFU, XxVasquezxX, HordeOc, GuadaX. Team Captain: GuadaX.
  7. Wait, when I click the time converter it shows something like this: 08:00 PM UTC 03:00 PM EST 04:00 PM EDT So, isn't this wrong?
  8. So... The Crown Tundra moveset has been brought to PokéMMO?
  9. Something minor, but the Hydreigons that had Draco Meteor in their moveset, now don't have any PP on the moves. Of course this can be reverted healing in the Pokemon Center.
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