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  1. I agree that the game is difficult to new players who have only played the vanilla games or the newer ones (the easiest imo), but let's put the things into their perspective tho: Imagine that you just started the game in Sinnoh, everything is fine until you get to the first gym and get rekt cuz your lvl 9 Chimchar can't deal with the Rock gym. Then you have 4 options: 1) Go and grind some more levels until your Chimchar reach something like lvl 15 or you have a better prepared team. 2) Open the Gtl and rent a lvl 20 Pokémon. You sweep the rock gym and go on with the adventure until the rent pokémon gets overthrown by NPCs with stronger pokémon or the time for renting the said mon expires and you stay with your underlevel Chimchar and maybe not enough money to rent another one. 3) Open the GTL and buy a lvl 20 Pokémon. The scenario it's the same as if you rent a pokémon except when you buy it you will keep it forever and it'll gain EXP, and at the same price (maybe). 4) Join a team/Go into the Channel chat and state that you are in the need of help. In that situation someone may help you... Or you die ignored. TL;DR: We don't need the rental pokémon system because the GTL is basically better. postdata: Someone defeated the Unova E4 with 4 Spindas, so just git gud.
  2. But the whole concept of rental pokémon is literally "Pay to win", is isn't smart at all imo. Grinding is the way PokéMMO was meant to be played, even in the vanilla games you're constantly grinding for everything (like in HGSS), except in Sword and Shield, those games are too easy. So my answer is No: We already can buy Pokémon from the GTL, and use them in the adventure. If you don't want to buy anything, just join a team and ask someone to lend you some Pokes.
  3. Yeah, i mean, it is really cool. I suggest adding his oufit too if possible. Item Slot: Top. Item Name: Phantom Thief Overcoat. Item Slot: Hat (xd) Item Name: Phantom Thief Mask.
  4. I don't think so, buddy. It's not that the admins can just grab the X & Y ROMS and slap into PokéMMO and make it work. And if somehow we get to play in Kalos (Not Soontm), not so many computers/android devices will run a 3DS game smoothly. So, just wait for the Dungeons and probably Johto.
  5. Team Name: Aquila Squadron Registered Players: GuadaX, megasaff, xUltrajesusx Team Captain: xUltrajesusx
  6. I make a call to the "Eternal Mayor" of PokéMMO @Bestfriends, how it's possible that the Mayor has no decreed the State of emergency in PokéMMO because of the Novel Coronavirus??? It is now official that a guy in Kanto, (one week later after eating a Zubat lol) has been diagnosed with this new and highly infectious virus and the government hasn't taken any measures against it. The Ninja Mask is at an inaccessible price (500 rp each 1, 900k~ in convertion), the Pokémon center only admits Pokémon (dah), and Pokémon are not affected by the Coronavirus, also the Vermilion port connects with the biggest city in PokéMMO, Castelia city in Unova, directly. We need to take measures immediately to prevent a bigger problem, maybe cancel every Catch event, Tournament and the TT. I'll be waiting a official response on the matter, meanwhile i will be in Quarantine with Zekrom in my house. Peace!
  7. Change da world, my final message, goodb ye
  8. Very interesting idea! Can't wait to test it with some of my friends!
  9. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/11-bug-report/
  10. When you have Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Keldeo or Arceus in your team, you're forced to accept challenges, so that's a reason.
  11. There is one thing i don't understand at all, yesterday i decided to watch the bans of the Tiers in PokéMMO and i observed that the catchable legendaries of the game are banned from Ubers, what does this mean? Are they gonna start to introduce the Uber legendary Pokémon in-game? (Like Zapdos or Celebi?) And if not, why they are banned? We can't use them in any matter except from the KoH event, so what's the reasoning behind this?
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