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  1. Well, it's not that broken. You know that if you manage to do Wish and Teleport with Blissey the next Pokemon would have it's health completely restored. The thing that prevents that strategy to be broken is any physical attacker like Conkeldurr, Scizor or Mienshao. If your opponent switches up to Blissey and then you change to Conkeldurr, that Blissey can't afford to do Teleport, because it has -6 of priority and Conk would explote her. I mean that Blissey wouldn't have chance to set up the Wish+Teleport, and like Lifestyle said you can shut down Blissey with Taunt.
  2. Team Name: DangoTerasu Team Tag: DgTs Registered Players: xUltrajesusx, Vartiou, llOphis, Susker, MARIOFU, XxVasquezxX, Lucaroy, Magmar, Maki, equipopuchamon, GuadaX. Team Captain: GuadaX
  3. Bold of you to assume that people sleep early this days.
  4. "Johto when?" "Hidden Abilities when?" "Dungeons when?" "Fairy type when?" "Garchomp Dragon Dance when?"
  5. THIS is the suggestion i was looking for. And to complement, this needs to be retroactively applied. No excuses.
  6. Title: Mario Karting with friends! People in the picture: "Toadette" is GuadaX, Mario is megasaff, Luigi is xUltrajesusx (me) and "Yoshi" is Vartiou. What's the cosplay about?: Mario Kart Wii, because (iirc) it's the only one with motorcicles XD Music that goes with the photo:
  7. The Channel 8 cult. All my homies were in the channel 8 before the Channel reduction update. Now we gotta change the name to Channel 4 cult.
  8. Really? Then how can i activate it in my cellphone?
  9. Worse PokéMMO moment? Fighting against that team. I can't even--
  10. Damn, even losing is more profitable than winning turn 5. (I mean, if you lose you got 200 PB but if you win at turn 5 because your rival let the timer run you got absolutely nothing, only ELO).
  11. >The Prize Pokemon it's genderless so it means that it doesn't have any egg moves >To reclaim it you need to select 2 Eggs moves, otherwise it can't be reclaimed. mfw;
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