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  1. It's been one year since our precious chosen one Terry has left us. Hope you are okay wherever you are!

  2. Programming-wise, that dfile.encoding thing shouldn't really affect the programming/logic section of the program. Dfile.encoding = UTF-8 simply saves files (in Java) with an UTF-8 language encoding, meaning that it will display several symbols even from different languages (as opposed to the old and obsolete ASCII). Are you sure you didn't edit anything else? Or, like, update your drivers?
  3. Grats on the win, BF, and hope to hear more from this mayoral council!!
  4. You're forgetting that most people here are voting for the other candidate just for the lulz, either out of spite of BF being a mayor (and because they hate him, disregarding the fact that this 'possible' new mayor may not do ANYTHING at all as a mayor) or just because they are absolutely and completely ignorant of what BF has done for the community and his passion for this game.
  5. Judging by both the dates in the videos in his personal Youtube channel AND the date from when he was elected as PokeMMO's mayor, he has done much, much more for the community than the other """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""candidate""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" has.
  6. My vote goes out to BF, mostly because he has done a lot for the community. #OutstandingBuddiesForMayor
  7. In-game name: JonnerTronner Join Date: 2017/07/18 Hours played: 177 Screenshot of your character: Picture of yourself: Country where you live in: Argentina (born in Germany) The theme tune to a movie about your life would be: My life is a mosh pit Your autobiography would be called: "Terry A. Davis' schizophrenic dreams of a person with Parkinson's". Current occupation: Programmer Sweet or Salt Popcorn: Sweet... sometimes salted popcorn. Depends. Your super hero power would be: The ability to instantly disintegrate whoever I want. Favourite and Least Favourite Pokemon: Exeggutor and Murkrow. I love Exeggutor's sprite, art and style, and I love crows... nevermore. Most hated Pokemon has to be either the Rotom line, Klefki or Vanillux. Garbage design. Favourite Movie: My Bloody Valentine (1981). Your favorite TV show as a kid was: South Park (I still love it). Last meal you ate was: Gnocchi. Delicious as heck.
  8. I'm FUCKING back, swooder than ever.

  9. Right, it's Christmas. Merry Christmas folks!
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