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  1. man pls PLS make a sinnoh version, the bgm are here pls do it i wanna enjoy sinnoh
  2. can u sometime add the sinnoh folder and names for the musics? i wanna try to make a mod.
  3. nope its not that, i removed the theme, also i exited and it keeps the same. btw thanks for answering but i really dont know what it is
  4. nope i dont have any mod that changes that. i only have follower 5 gen, pokemon hq music, 3ds icons hd items and nothing more
  5. vi que depende en el pokemon porque tengo 2 growlithe y solo 1 esta asi
  6. really? so how do i send it
  7. tengo un error donde cuando veo los datos de mi pokemon son como en el borde de la pantalla (srry si no entiende mi ingles no es muy bueno) aqui hay una imagen comparándolo con ivysaur
  8. idk if u solve it but the way to fix it is download pokemmo again, u will lose your config but hey u start in fullscren so fixed, srry the late i only came here cause i had the same problem and i did that
  9. hey this mod doesnt wlrk in sndroid it tell me error eith the audio. any form to fix it?
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