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  1. The question is why are secret bases considered endgame when you get the ability to use secret power and make them roughly in the middle of the game.
  2. Update: I realise i'm wrong with the bit on donation. I'm sorry. I didn't understand how the donation proccess worked, I thought it gave the donor more money. The silliness of the prices still stand.
  3. Hello, Pokemmo. I'm here to talk about a feature you all probably love. Hoenn's secret bases. Who doesn't right? I remember playing Pokemon Emerald on my GBA setting mine up. It was a simple process, and I could still buy healing items! And now I was so excited to play with my best friend and have our bases right in the same place! ...I was. Then I took a look at the prices for even the cheapest furniture items. And this had me fired up and really irritated, like, what use is a secret base if it's empty?? Before anyone says "but you can get decorations for free from npcs" I know. The problem is nothing to put it on. I've talked to people about this. The first thing said, and what I sadly assumed, was that it was a money grab. Look, you want to get paid. I get it. I sure as hell want money too since I'm too broke to donate. (I didn't understand donation didn't grant more ingame money. Mistake edited. Not sure where the guy got the idea from.) The second option is the one I got from the mods on chat in channel 2. I appreciate their answer and take it as their final one for the time being. That being: furniture IRL is expensive, it should be that way here too. Please don't take offense but that kind of sounds like an excuse to me. While irl furniture is expensive, ones who purchase such have stable jobs and a source of income to pay for it. While a bunch of pokemon trainers? Who are, in game lore, canonically children? Capitalism is either coming down hard on Hoenn or something doesn't add up. TL;DR: I don't understand the overprice in decorations. Please consider lowering the ridiculous price. Thank you very much.
  4. [Prompt 2] It had been... who knows how long. Hours? Days? I couldn't tell anymore as I trudged my now filth covered shoes through the halls of the cave. My dear Buizel wasn't looking too good, but the little guy held in there to walk beside me. I could tell he was getting hungry. I'll admit it. I was too. But being surrounded by bright yellow static charged arachnids really puts one off their appetite. We found ourselves again facing the mirrorlike surface of the cave wall. I look terrible... Buizel looks scared... are we ever going to get out of here? As my pessimism began to swallow me, I didn't notice sparking rocks coming to life around us both until Buizel latched onto my leg in fear. I looked down, seeing his wide eyes now full of tears. I glanced around at the strange floating electric rocks and forced a smile, patting the Pokemon's head. A paw shakily extended to one of the airbound stalagmites before I could command him to do otherwise. The words from my teacher in the Trainer's School echoed through my entire body. Electric is super effective against water. (This was fun! Trainer name is MahinaKeawe)
  5. In game name: MahinaKeawe Join Date: 7/???/17 Hours played: Either too many or too little. Screenshot of your character: Country where you live: USA The theme tune to a movie about your life would be: Die Anywhere Else from Night in the Woods Your autobiography would be called: Well Shit That Sucked Current occupation: Self employed author Sweet or Salt Popcorn: Salt. jesus what kind of heathen has sweetened popcorn??? Your super hero power would be: The ability to control emotions! For the better of course. Favourite and Least Favourite Pokemon: Primarina, Zubat Favourite Movie: Pirates of the Carribean or Guardians of the Galaxy. I seem to like the "of the"s. Your favourite TV show as a kid was: Little Bear, 100% Last meal you ate was: A roast beef sandwich. It was pretty good.
  6. Bruh Cenin is the coolest of dudes. He doesn't have two shinies in this game but in actual Pokemon games that's different. Plus he's my bestie. Again, really flattered, but no thanks.
  7. BUT WHEN I CALL YOU NEVER SEEM TO BE HOME... I made a team with Cenin already my dude, sorry. Population: us two. :D
  8. I'm humbled by the invitation, but I doubt I'd be able to pass as an Elite Four member. Thank you though!
  9. Hey, I play MahinaKeawe. As in, roleplay. It's rare to see me, the player, talking when I'm playing pokemmo. The rp is intense dude. Seriously. I'm wanted by a cult now. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Name: Jess Age: 21 (Mahina is that number reversed, 12. Take it easy on her she is but a wee bab.) Interests: Long walks on the beach. Did I say the beach? I meant long walks in my house. Did i say long walks? I meant sitting on my butt in front of a laptop. Anyway I'm here with my best bud Cenin because we've had these characters for a long time and thought it'd be fun to put them in the game and interact! So yeah. Once again I'm not my character, if I'm being out of character ((i'll be doing this)). PLEASE don't hack me for stuff done acting as an original character. It's a game, bro! The camera's right there! I also play AceTrainerBeta, a moody Pokemon ranger from the rain forests of Hoenn with his companion Minun, thrown into a strange and foreign adventure in Kanto when his partner Alpha (both in rangership and love) never comes back from an abroad mission. I know the username says AceTrainer. It stinks. I wanted to match names with the one who plays Alpha but PkmnRangerAlpha was one character too long. Plus every other thing we tried was taken. I mean, seriously? Someone already had an idea for an Alpha AND a RangerAlpha. Anyway I'm done rambling. Thanks.
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