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  1. I hope we get a Halloween dungeon this time. Chinese new years and Christmas have one. 🤔
  2. Bumping to let you guys know the themes have been updated!
  3. Bumping to let you guys know the themes have been updated!
  4. Was Looking for ralts since January of this year. I did a reset on the counter after finding my second bibarel.
  5. Colorable pants when??
  6. Anyway thank you guys for the info, I did not know the hats would be re-run. Anyone have the links where they mention vanities and pvp rewards?
  7. It bothers me because they painted it as special for pvp players, similar to limited vanities but if it's gonna be this way, might as well re-run everything.
  8. Looks like 1st season pvp rewards are beign re-run or is it a bug? What's the point of having the same untradeable pvp hat twice?
  9. I was digging around the XML while making a theme. In the future can you allow a null value or something to remove the tint that displays the type over the monster frame? I've been using dark backgrounds to hide the tint but would apreciate a way to disable it. Example: Steel type has little to no tint on the background, I would like to apply it to every element type. I want to remove the green tint on the background.
  10. The font is a bit thick, I centered the text to make the date fit in your language. Let me know how it looks once you update!
  11. Can you explain further? The "HP" letters I intentionally removed it.
  12. Fixed the trainer card Issued date in both the Dark and Blue themes. You can download and reinstall them to apply the fix. Thank you for the [email protected]
  13. Same, I've played everyday since start of season but went from 740ish to 600 for not playing this month. There's very little reward for staying in the top 100 for me, but you've been at it constantly. I hope they adjust the system.
  14. Its been a few weeks but someone told me to post it here.
  15. Hey everyone, I'm back with yet another theme, this time in blue. Hope the update was a nice surprise for everyone! Not me, damn thing broke my themes! Anyway, here they are updated. Enjoy! Let me know your thoughts. I appreciate the feedback! Download Link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_3uKs-MXkQ8ouHAWcuBSw3bDjoQL3B8n/view?usp=sharing Install Instructions Extract the contents to your themes folder. Select the theme in game and reload. Enjoy Yet More themes: Dark PVP General UI
  16. Can you explain? You can disable the battle background in the settings.
  17. Sitting on 650k battle points hoping for new battle frontier prizes.
  18. Maybe, but it was very different situation from what it is today. Berry farming was profitable and amulets weren't consumables.
  19. Farming items with frisk was one of the most reliable ways for new players to earn some money to start if they didn't have the mons for gym farming or PvP imo. As an old timer in this game, It doesn't affect me, but for new comers is gonna be a hell of a grind to get the things they want. I've been loving the last "PvP update", but the devs need to make something for the PvE guys if they still want to consider this game an MMO and not a Pokemon rom hack with a chat window.
  20. Thanks. Pvp feels like it punishes efficient teams and rewards more points to stall teams. The grind sucks is all.
  21. I only play for the season reward and it's been difficult getting points due to forfeits.
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