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  1. Its been a few weeks but someone told me to post it here.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm back with yet another theme, this time in blue. Let me know your thoughts. I appreciate the feedback! Download Link https://drive.google.com/file/d/179iIkRPNiqrFxVroLmxFJxxhlffcmLkH/view?usp=sharing Install Instructions Extract the contents to your themes folder. Select the theme in game and reload. Enjoy Yet More themes: Dark PVP General UI
  3. Can you explain? You can disable the battle background in the settings.
  4. Sitting on 650k battle points hoping for new battle frontier prizes.
  5. Maybe, but it was very different situation from what it is today. Berry farming was profitable and amulets weren't consumables.
  6. Farming items with frisk was one of the most reliable ways for new players to earn some money to start if they didn't have the mons for gym farming or PvP imo. As an old timer in this game, It doesn't affect me, but for new comers is gonna be a hell of a grind to get the things they want. I've been loving the last "PvP update", but the devs need to make something for the PvE guys if they still want to consider this game an MMO and not a Pokemon rom hack with a chat window.
  7. Thanks. Pvp feels like it punishes efficient teams and rewards more points to stall teams. The grind sucks is all.
  8. I only play for the season reward and it's been difficult getting points due to forfeits.
  9. Hi @Imperial fixed that little bug, enjoy the theme!
  10. Team Name: GhostOfAnarchy Team Tag: GØAT Registered Players: Vartiou, Rigoox, TeoG, Nivus, Equipopuchamon, Magmar, GuadaX, LeoMaccho Latiosrol qmanzanop Workalogic Team Captain: GuadaX
  11. sorry @Imperial, I need to update it. I've been a bit busy lately. Will let you know when I finish
  12. When are you adding colorable pants??
  13. Team Name: GhostOfAnarchy Team Tag: GØAT Registered Players: llOphis, xUltrajesusx, Susker, LatiosRol, qmanzanop, Nivus, Rigoox, Vartiou, Magmar, PizzaConewe, equipopuchamon, GuadaX. Team Captain: GuadaX
  14. Team Name: DangoTerasu. Team Tag: DgTs. Registered Players: Vartiou, xUltrajesusx, llOphis, Magmar, Susker, Lucaroy, Rigoox, Equipopuchamon, MARIOFU, XxVasquezxX, HordeOc, GuadaX. Team Captain: GuadaX.
  15. Team Name: DangoTerasu Team Tag: DgTs Registered Players: xUltrajesusx, Vartiou, llOphis, Susker, MARIOFU, XxVasquezxX, Lucaroy, equipopuchamon, Rigoox, HordeOc, GuadaX. Team Captain: GuadaX
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