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  1. 3rd day left behind! We have got some new faces in PRL and we have reached competitor count of 30! Of course time will tell how many of those people will be able to carve their path to preliminaries. Speaking of preliminaries, in day 3, Drayyton and xSparkie got their final badges and secured their seats in the preliminaries. Congratulations! And for the interesting matches that were caught on camera today; urquidi vs AQA I've known AQA was asking for triple battles and I honestly had no idea about what was going on at first few turns of battle. After a few turns it started to make sense and the battle got really interesting! Glad that I finally got the opportunity to catch one of such battles live! urquidi vs EGuy Second match that features urquidi as challenger today but both matches were worthy to watch so I couldn't just leave them! This battle smelled of pure experience from both trainers. It should be used as educational video in Pokémon Schools about Pokémon Battles. xSparkie vs Mannoroth Last but not least, xSparkie challenging "Coffin and the bruises" style of Mannoroth. The battle was completely mummified by two Cofagrigus. Everyone, their grandparents, their cousins, their children and their long lost brothers/sisters were mummified in a single battle. It was one of the battles that could go anywhere and of course, was interesting to watch! As always, best of luck to everyone and see you tomorrow!
  2. And there goes the 2nd day of Gym Challenge frame. As the first day rush is over a total of 28 badges were given on second day! With that, SweeTforU, ZeknShooter and Suneet earned their 8th badge and their rightful ticket to preliminaries. Congratulations! Personally, I was extremely busy today and since I have no recording staff to help me. I missed to record bunch of battles and it made me quite sad. BUT from those that I could watch and record, I've seen a newcomer to PRL and his battle took my interest! llChelo vs LavaFlow Since the biggest clue a Gym gives you before a battle is the theme, when you see a Gym titled "Fighting Type" you wouldn't bring 5 normal types to the battle would you? llChelo boldly and without any doubt did that! Best of luck to everyone and see you tomorrow!
  3. Hey Cali, applications are open until 23rd, and you have time to gather 8 badges until 31st!
  4. Wah, what a busy day for everyone! 57 badges were given in day one! And Pitzzin managed to get all 8 badges in day one. Congratulations to all participants! And better luck next time to those who have tried and failed! Also! There were some battles caught on camera today! Suneet vs bbJr Momentum switched sides many times. It was a devastating battle between bbJr's incredible force of dragons and Suneet's unstoppable storm! Drayyton vs Xigbaar Xigbaars tricky battlefield conditions were attempted to be dismantled systematically and elegantly by Drayyton! SenorMorty vs HDSkyfish Such a close battle that could go either way! This battle is definition of hanging on by skin of the teeth... or properly executed plans! We hope to have more exciting and amazing battles thru the Gym Challenge frame! Cheers everyone!
  5. Update: Gyms are open! All competitors will have time until 31st to gather 8 badges! If you were planning to join PRL, now is the time! And time is ticking! Good Luck and Have Fun all participants! And thanks a lot to our community for making this happen!
  6. Update: We will extend competitor applications until end of 15th of July, if we get at least 20 competitors before end of 15th of July, we will allow more competitors during first week of Gym Challenge frame as well (until end of 23rd of July). A lot of people have invested too much effort in this, and we are close to reaching our marks so we are giving this one more day.
  7. Greetings everyone and thanks for your interest in PRL. As you know we are entering last 48 hours for scheduled competitor applications and we majorly lack people to compete in this. All of our current competitive events in PokeMMO targets only the top tier of players, leaving mid-experienced or low-experienced players a big gap to close before they can participate in anything fun. Not to mention a lot of metagames for high-experienced players become pretty repetitive and non-innovative most of the time. These issues result in majority of playerbase quitting the game right after finishing the story or quitting early in competitive scene before getting any decent experience. PRL aims to break the mold regarding those issues. We have no one to support and make this happen other than our community players and teams. So if you all give us a hand to gather as many competitors as you can to this, we can make this happen together and allow people from every skill level to learn from each other and have fun! Thank you in advance!
  8. Too late for Gym Leadership now, (I guess someone should have "read the whole thing" heh heh) Competitor applications are recently open though! If you are interested give us an application and I'll check as soon as I get a chance from work! Cheers!
  9. Thanks a lot, it means a lot to all the hard working people here! If we manage to meet our goals and run this, you're certainly more than welcome in next season! You can always start as a Gym Leader if you don't feel too confident ^^
  10. Updated: Scheduled Opening of Competitor ApplicationsFAQ Update for Competitor Applications
  11. Updated: Staff Recruitment Update & Information Condensing
  12. Of course I am not Pachima, I just love his quotes. (lol I wish I could fit them all in my signature but yeah...) Edit:
  13. Updated: Added Donation and Prize Pool Summary
  14. Updated: Staff Recruitment & Event Plan
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