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  1. Good price, very friendly and fast service. Recommended!
  2. Whisper me whenever you're online. IGN is the same as my forum name.
  3. how much for Mamoswine and the 5x31 Porygon2?
  4. Bump, all pokes sold. Selling a turtle gi now.
  5. Bump. Buy these before I quicksell them to chinese whales.
  6. Got this earlier today while EV training.. I think the game decided to troll me after I killed a shiny stunfisk yesterday. 3rd OT after Hera and Vulpix
  7. Bump. Everything's left is on GTL.
  8. Bump, updated the list.
  9. Selling a Turtle Gi for $1,725,000 on GTL.
  10. HowLXG

    Value Advice

    Does Hidden Power Grass affect the price of a Shiny Ninetales with average IV's?
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