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  1. Got this earlier today while EV training.. I think the game decided to troll me after I killed a shiny stunfisk yesterday. 3rd OT after Hera and Vulpix
  2. HowLXG

    Value Advice

    Does Hidden Power Grass affect the price of a Shiny Ninetales with average IV's?
  3. Ever how is spanish uguu 10 step = 1 shiny... me 128027408372 step = 0 shiny...
  4. We've talked a bit on channel chat. You seem like a nice dude, feel free to hmu in game, I'm online quite often.
  5. My 2nd OT Shiny, 35k~ encounters inside Pokemon Mansion. HP Grass hype
  6. Same question here. Shouldn't it be running Boltbeam or TBolt + Flamethrower?
  7. HowLXG

    Value Advice

    Why is the Poli priced so high? I don't think it's that desirable tbh, and I'm pretty sure I've seen it's evolutions be sold for a lot less than that. Wobb and Sableye are priced reasonably, I think. Pikachu is priced a bit too high honestly, I've seen random shiny Pikas sell for around 6M recently, so I'd lower the price to around 6-6.5M if I were you. (Please note that this is entirely my opinion and I apologize if I'm wrong, I wish you luck with your store regardless)
  8. Usually when people scout, they just do it to have a general idea on what the opponent will use. I don't think anyone changes their entire team just because they scouted their opponent. No, let's not talk about VGC. Comparing VGC to singles is ridiculous, it's an entirely different metagame and even if it weren't, it would still be a bad example. I won't even comment on the Yugioh example, that's just plain dumb. Getting back on point, the "spectating rule" you suggested is terrible, it won't change anything effectively and trying to prevent players from scouting in a pokemon tournament is completely unnecessary.
  9. That doesn't stop people with friends from scouting others, but I'm sure you didn't even think about that. Also just like redspawn said, scouting is a crucial part of any pokemon tournament, if you're against scouting you shouldn't even consider playing imo.
  10. Or when the enemy sends out a normal type
  11. @Dinkle Shiny Psyduck, Shiny Ditto and Shiny Eevee (Now an Umbreon), all in less than 2 weeks. DDOS pls
  12. Friendly reminder that's his 3rd shiny in 2 weeks (:
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