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  1. What about the MMOBA?

    stop being afk for 5 hours every day and you'll have plenty of time brother
  2. What about the MMOBA?

    I know @DeadGorilla was interested in a draft format so there's one person for you. :v
  3. What are the best guides?

    This was the most helpful guide for me when I started playing. God bless anyone willing to translate this wall of text.
  4. Breeding ideas, and thoughts on Legendaries.

    If you know how to breed correctly none of it is based on luck, as you can control the IVs/nature through braces and Everstones.
  5. giving up is your best option
  6. The monumental failure of clubs

    lets just remove the entire game, problem solved.
  7. what about the people who gave away all 5 of their ots
  8. Tournament win announcement

    not with that attitude
  9. How? The thread is meant for posting screenshots of shiny Pokémon, not useless replies about the shiny rate or whatever. If people aren't able to stay on topic, their post should be removed.
  10. No game audio?

    I haven't played with game audio on in about 10 months but I decided to log in and try it just for you, and it works fine for me.
  11. Shut up, and work on your jokes..

  12. Clown of the week


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