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  1. PokeMMO Pokemon Locations/Levels

    But she isn't trolling. You are able to see all moves a Pokémon can learn + their Wild Locations via the Pokedex. Edit: It also includes their levels. I misread and thought you were looking for location + moves.
  2. Delete a save file?

    It is not possible to delete characters, but you can create as many accounts as you want using the same email address. Also, you are able to switch to the other regions using the same character, in Vermilion City (Kanto), Slateport City (Hoenn) and Castelia City (Unova)
  3. What's your fav pokemon

    Mudkip #1.
  4. "Provide only one suggestion per thread" You should consider reading the rules before you post anything else.
  5. You beat someone that went for Hammer Arm on a Butterfree, very impressive.
  6. This worked for me.
  7. Character Deletion

    You will need to obtain 4 badges and reach Vermilion City if you wish to switch regions.
  8. Character Deletion

    You can't delete characters, although you are able to make as many accounts as you want using the same email. You are also able to switch between regions so you don't need a new character to play a different region.
  9. Why can't berries grow faster?

    For starters, you are not forced to farm berries. We have the luxury of having multiple different methods for earning money, so if you dislike berry farming or don't have the time for it, there are many alternatives you could try. As far as reducing the growth time, I don't believe they should make something easier just because a few people dislike the current system. Berries have already gone down in value, if they reduce the growth time, it will just make berries even less valuable.
  10. PVP playstyle

    6 walls is the only way to play.
  11. How to delete a character

    You cannot delete characters.
  12. ev training question

    Aimi for CM.

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