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  1. ImFunk

    [Art] Soda's Skatches (Not Taking Requests)

    you did a great job brother kiss me
  2. ImFunk

    are hidden abilities coming?

    if by "soon" you mean in the next 5 years probably not
  3. ImFunk

    Moderate the Spanish chat.

    nobody watches english chat either so its fair
  4. ImFunk

    Lucky egg

    It was nerfed 7 months ago. Your fault.
  5. You answered your own question here. As you can see on your trainer card, your max obedience is level 62, and your Blastoise is level 67. If you attempt to use a Pokémon that is above your obedience level, it will faint itself. The PokeMMO Wiki is outdated and not really reliable anymore. The forums is the best place to find most information.
  6. ImFunk

    Elite 4 - how hard boosted/scrpited???

    Okay. I'm just explaining what DG was calculating.
  7. ImFunk

    Elite 4 - how hard boosted/scrpited???

    A Choice Scarf gives a 1.5x Speed boost. That's what he is calculating for.
  8. ImFunk

    Elite 4 - how hard boosted/scrpited???

    You still haven't told us what your Nature/IV/EVs are so there's really nothing we can do to help you. It was already explained to you that their stats aren't "boosted" in any way and you're most likely calculating something incorrectly. (just like you did with the EVs earlier)
  9. ImFunk

    [Unofficial] Future Update Changes

    top 5 worst opinions of 2018
  10. ImFunk

    The State of the Economy

    I wouldn't mind this but isn't the payout around 19k? If they added more like this they would lower that payout, and at that point we're dealing with the exact same thing. More NPCs = more time/less money.
  11. ImFunk

    The State of the Economy

    Yes, but does that really balance it out? It takes much more time to make the same amount of money as before the nerf, and it isn't worth the time compared to other methods.
  12. ImFunk

    The State of the Economy

    I would need to go through and battle them all to give you specifics but a large portion of NPCs only give you $1-3k and they just aren't worth fighting. Considering how dynamic the markets are (Everstones, Mushrooms, Heart Scales etc.) I feel we need a stable way to earn money, that isn't constantly changing. The reason behind the NPC nerf was the addition of Unova, which gave us more NPCs to fight, but wouldn't it be better to balance that by making them more difficult? The gym rematches are somewhat difficult with fair payouts and it's the most reliable way of earning money right now. I don't see the harm in increasing the difficulty and the payouts of other NPCs. Increased difficulty + increased payout (maybe longer cooldown?) > completely nerfing NPCs.
  13. ImFunk

    [GUI] Jaded Theme - Omni Series

    Looks good. 11/10.

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