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  1. you must have a bad memory
  2. I wouldn't mind this but isn't the payout around 19k? If they added more like this they would lower that payout, and at that point we're dealing with the exact same thing. More NPCs = more time/less money.
  3. Yes, but does that really balance it out? It takes much more time to make the same amount of money as before the nerf, and it isn't worth the time compared to other methods.
  4. I would need to go through and battle them all to give you specifics but a large portion of NPCs only give you $1-3k and they just aren't worth fighting. Considering how dynamic the markets are (Everstones, Mushrooms, Heart Scales etc.) I feel we need a stable way to earn money, that isn't constantly changing. The reason behind the NPC nerf was the addition of Unova, which gave us more NPCs to fight, but wouldn't it be better to balance that by making them more difficult? The gym rematches are somewhat difficult with fair payouts and it's the most reliable way of earning money right now. I don't see the harm in increasing the difficulty and the payouts of other NPCs. Increased difficulty + increased payout (maybe longer cooldown?) > completely nerfing NPCs.
  5. Don't post a public thread on a forums page if you don't want speculation/discussion.
  6. These threads are all so lazy to me. People complain about losing to the Elite 4 but I guarantee you most of them don't even try to make changes to their team, because it's too much work and they quit. If you can't handle training a few new Pokémon for the story, you're going to have a rough time with the post game considering it's literally all just grinding.
  7. I haven't done that in years, must be nice
  8. That's probably what happens when you listen to people who don't know what they're talking about. The Pokémon aren't just killed off, you trade them to the old man and in exchange he gives you an egg. I'm sure he takes good care of them.
  9. Raise your price again please and thank you
  10. This sounds awful and can be abused easily.
  11. If they didn't nerf the shit out of NPCs we would still have a consistent method for making money but that was too easy so now we get to suffer and sell 14k Everstones.
  12. The bright side of lotteries is that if people are interested enough, the creator of the lottery will make a decent amount of money from it. Sadly nearly every market in-game is dead right now so if this is the new way of making money we shouldn't bash it just because it's not what we're used to seeing in trade corner/trade chat.
  13. If people are stupid enough to waste their money on a lottery, let them
  14. I could help you, whisper me in game my ign is the same as on the forums.
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