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  1. I'm curious as to why you consider these things competitive aspects of Pokémon. For me personally switching/predicting is a core part of playing Pokémon just like type advantage/basic teambuilding. You don't need to be a competitive player to make smart plays, or put thought into your team. I understand it would be easier to go into the Elite 4 with a level 85 Charizard and 5 HM slaves, but if you put just a tiny bit of effort into things, it really isn't difficult. ^ These are things that I would consider to be competitive in Pokémon, and none of them are required to complete the story.
  2. If only there was an option to prevent this.
  3. I have 2300 hours and not a single shiny Mudkip. :V That really isn't a lot. You have to be patient, as the chance of finding one is extremely slim.
  4. There is. If you are Chinese your shiny rate is around 1/500, everyone else is 1/30k.
  5. Haunter evolves into Gengar via trade, so you would need to trade it to someone else for it to evolve.
  6. You need to earn more gym badges to raise your max obedience level.
  7. i'll pay good money for some art of us holding hands just like we do irl
  8. This is your chance to get out of verm and make friends. I agree with Kipp for once.
  9. I don't know. If only Kyu was more specific on that.
  10. Is team preview included in this? Or is that not something that you consider to be broken?
  11. So what I'm reading is, we can expect it sometime around September.
  12. With the amount of Chinese players we have joining, they won't be losing money anytime soon.
  13. The main issue I have with the game right now is the economy. Due to the large influx of new players over the past few months nearly every farmable item has decreased in price. Just a few examples would be Everstones 20k > 8k, Heart Scales 11k > 6k, Big Mushroom 12k > 5k, and nearly every RP based item dropping as well. I don't mind saving money and waiting for the PvP meta to improve or more end game content to be added, but when making money is as painful as it is right now, it completely turns me off from playing. And unfortunately there is no easy solution for a broken economy like ours. I suggested buffing NPC rematches again but they didn't like that idea so I guess we just have to sit here and wait for these updates they keep promising us. As far as the competitive aspect of the game goes, I can't really give much of an opinion on that. I've been waiting for a year now to get into it but half of the things needed for a healthy gen 5 meta isn't available to us, so I chose not to waste money breeding things that I'll need to rebreed again later. (Again mainly because of how painful earning money is.) One of the things that still surprises me is the lack of updates we receive from the Dev team. (Not actual game updates, but updates on what they're doing etc.) I mean, They spent how many months/years working on the Unova region and they didn't even make an official announcement when it was being released. We got a shitty teaser on Kyu's profile and that was it. Biggest update of the year and they didn't make any official announcement on the forums or social media. That example alone should tell you how little effort they put into telling us what's going on. Putting a little bit of effort into your community would go a long way. I can't relate to some of the issues competitive players or shiny traders have, but I guess this is my opinion as a 'casual' player on the current state of the game. The game is really stale right now and the only thing keeping me around is the social aspect of it. I've spent 2,300 hours of my time in the past 15 months here and it's just sad that it doesn't seem like things are improving any time soon.
  14. Hey, welcome back. A lot has changed since 2014 and it would be tough to explain it all but if you spend some time playing and using chat you'll get the hang of things. If you're interesting in the competitive aspect of our game you could find a lot of neat information/discussions here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/23-competition-alley/ And if you're ever confused or unsure of something we have a lot of useful guides here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/26-guide-tavern/ Other than that feel free to ask questions in Channel/Global chat in-game or ask here on the forums, there's usually always someone willing to help.
  15. All you need to do is go to any PC and open your mail. You should have something that looks like this: Just click "Claim" with an open slot in your party and you'll be good to go.
  16. FunkPk

    GTL Trade Tab

    This just sounds like what trade chat is supposed to be.
  17. As far as Johto goes this is what I've based my posts from:
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